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Globalization is an ongoing process of integration and interaction amongst companies, governments
and people. It is driven by invention of new technologies and forms of communications, international
trade and investment. In addition to economic aspects, globalization plays an important part in other
fields. It can also be defined as the integration of economic, cultural, political, ecological and social
systems through internationalization and interconnectedness.

Globalization is the principally new step in the development of the long-term process of internationalization (transnationalization) of the economic, political, cultural, legal and other aspects of the ...view middle of the document...

Neither various countries are able to regulate economic, social and cultural processes, which became more than narrow national issues and to a larger extent have transformed into rather independent and unmanageable ones. 

During the second half of the 20th century, humans were confronted by previously unknown task - to discover the new tools that would regulate the global economy, environment and other aspects of modern life. Thus, the painful process of reconstruction of the previous national-state structure of the world, which evolved over millenium, into some novel shape, has started. 

Uncertainty of the future and fear of the unknown, thoughtless reloading the responsibility for all the world's problems on globalization itself born the entire surge of anti-globalization ideas and mass rallies. Starting December 1999, when the crowd of enraged opponents of liberalization of the international trade have almost succeeded in calling off the Seattle's (USA) summit of the World Trade organization, all subsequent international meetings of the politicians, more or less related to globalization, are accompanied with the multi-thousand rallies of anti-globalization activists and havoc. 

There are, at least, three main varieties of globalization negativism. The most radical and most vulgar attitude is the one that claims that all evil stems from the USA which, by means of the controlled institutions such as International Monetary Fund, World's Bank, International Trade Organization etc. are gradually transforming the developing regions of the world into the neo-colonial estate, in order to exploit the natural and people's resources. The other variant of anti-globalization ideology stems from the fact, that globalization is an objective process, justified by the technological advances, informational revolution, development of international industrial, trade and financial relationships. However, only highly developed western countries could benefit from this process, while the remaining countries of the world are destined to continuous lagging behind. 

The third ideological paradigm of the antiglobalization activists is that the process itself is not only objective, but could be of benefit to all countries, though to a different degree. The developed western countries have the opportunity to utilize the globalization process entirely, while only scraps and pickings are left to others. Thus, it is necessary to force the West to shape the benefits of globalization with other regions in the world. However, since it would be rather impossible to do during the official summits, this should be performed by means of mass rallies. 

One of the most trenchant issues, used by the entire range of antiglobalists as the primary bugbear, is the tremendous gap between the income of the wealthy "Northern" countries and poor countries of the "South". This gap in income between the 20% of population of wealthy countries and the same part inhabiting poor...

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