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Global Communication Essay

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Problem Solving: Global Communications
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Problem Solving: Global Communications
Global Communications Company has some big problems, they have being knowledge of
barriers communications, the company will do their best to make better plans in its globalization
strategy. Global Communications faced too much competition and watching its stock prices fall.
The stockholders are putting them under pressure to fix the problems. Local, long-distance and
international markets are all competing for the same business. The issues affecting Global
Communications varied depending upon the stakeholder involved. The ...view middle of the document...

To keep a connection to work with the union and make sure that essential
employees, such as Maria, to get back into a better balance between her and the boss.
Differentiate their recent offer from an existing competitive offering. Add 1000 new sales people
are not going to sell a product that has no appeal to the potential customer. Maintaining cohesion
among top management converting the proposed changes into profit, effectively competing more
locally and globally, very distinct amusement. Manage new partnerships efficiently and
Opportunity Identification
Identify markets not currently served by their major competitors and fill that niche. Assisting the
employees that get laid off. An effect future achievement like existing achievement. If their new
competitive plan and cost cutting can increase numbers, just for one-quarter or two, the stock
price should rebound a bit. Improving their relationship with the union (long term) Identify
markets do not serve well by their primary competitors and fill that niche. Increase profits. It
appears that there is nothing to concern. Therefore, that is how the project is to grow by serving
current customers and that there is no mention to gain new and different clients. How valuable is
access to a company, a business owner, cause the possibility that any small business would have
a main- frame computer would be slim. These new partnerships may hold the key, but again,
they need be able to make a distinction to their offer or else it will have little effect.
Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas1
The senior management presented a plan to board directors that they expect to implement as proposing. After it research has been made and analyzed sufficiently to assure achievement, even if the problems occurred, they need to inform the board of the adjustments that need to make. The union has a responsibility to the employees, to protect their benefits, their rights and to ensure that they have a job. It's paramount, and the union informs everything that is going on with the agency and what is expecting of the employees as the change implemented.
Problem Definition
Global Communications has a lot of problems and opportunities to focus on. However, there are a couple of that could be focused on the issue statement. In 3 years, Global Communications will be the leader in the industry by improving their stock prices, decrease their overhead costs, and show responsibility to their customers as well as their employees. It will help them meet their end state
End-State Vision. Global Communications will formulate new and innovative ideas for product development that will improve profitability. When we look at the end state goal, the first will benefit because a business needs to accomplish to stay tight. What might set Global Communications away from the competitors is to implementing new products. It is vital to the organization to keep up employees morale, union...

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