Global Crises Essay

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Global Crisis: Impact on Indian Bank

• Indian Banks have invested in derivatives, which might have exposure to these investment bankers
• PSU banks like Bank of India, Bank of Baroda have exposure towards derivatives
• ICICI Bank is expected to lose approximately $80 million invested in Lehman's bonds
• Commercial banks may have exposure to derivative depend on third party commitments
• Finance minister reiterated PSU Indian banks has no exposure to Lehman
• FM says tightening in credit supply due recent financial turmoil
• Indian banks are properly captalized and well regulated in comparison to US banks
• FM further guaranteed that extra steps would be taken ...view middle of the document...

5 8.6 10.5
Investment-deposit 30.3 30.4 29.9
Credit-Deposit 73.9 73.9 72.6
Indian Financial
Valuation: Adjusted Price to book
FY09 FY10
• Allahabad Bank 0.5 0.5
• BoI 1.1 0.9
• BoB 0.9 0.8
• Canara Bank 0.9 0.7
• PNB 1.0 0.9
• SBI 1.4 1.2
• HDFC Bank 3.4 3.1
• ICICI Bank 1.2 1.1
Price Performance
Month to date YTD...

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