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This paper provides an in depth perspective of the Global Cultural Analysis of People’s Republic of China (PRC). In preparing this analysis, the following four questions were considered: what are the major elements and dimensions of culture in China, how are these elements and dimensions integrated by locals conducting business in China, how do both of the above items compare with US culture and business and what are the implications for US businesses that wish to conduct business in China. The answers to these questions can be utilized to further ...view middle of the document...

China essentially lost its economic standing due to this humanitarian disaster. The economic reforms that China’s leadership had worked so hard to develop were deemed ineffective due to lost foreign direct investments contracts, the suspension of loans by the World Bank, Asian Development Banks, and foreign governments. Tourism which comprised a great part of their GDP profoundly dropped. China’s regime instinctively wanted to roll back the reforms that were in place but it was met with much resistance as well as the untimely demise of communism in the Soviet. China in spite of itself continued to prosper economically. In 2000, when Bill Clinton put forth a bill to normalize trade relations with China also was an indicator the world was prepared to move forward with China. Although controversial, President Clinton thought this would be opportunity to expose China to the western world democratic views. This dynamic is the basis from which this paper will provide insights into the major elements and culture of China.
The Economic History of China
China, one of the oldest civilizations in the entire world, has always been an enigma to Westerners. This is due to the isolationist stance China has taken throughout the years going back to ancient times. China, historically, has closed off its borders for different reasons depending on the time period. Prior to 1840, the regime only permitted one port open for trading to foreigners called Canton. It was during this period an elite group of merchants also known as “Gong Hang” were the only ones to actively trade between China and the rest of the world. Hence, the Westerners were limited in how they interacted with their Asian trade partners.
The leadership at this time in China believed that any interaction with the Western world would be detrimental in two ways. The first way was based on the fact that the Chinese believed they were superior beings. According to the popular belief at that time, China was considered to be positioned right below heaven. China was known as “Heavenly Middle Kingdom”. Anyone who lived outside the boundaries of this area was considered barbarians. The second reason why China considered any interaction with the outside world simply to protect itself from other countries desires for conquest and expanding their kingdoms. China remained closed until the Opium War of 1840 forced China to open all of their ports to trade not just the Canton port.
China at this time did not desire any Western product as it considered itself self-sufficient. It could provide its own developed agricultural industry as well as the flourishing silk industry. Opium was at time the drug of choice and had grown in such popularity with the Chinese that became a problem. When the Chinese leadership decided to cut off access to this product the British protested and ultimately forced China to succumb to its demands. This event in effect set the tone of how China...

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