Global Cultural Analysis: Argentina

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss and analyze the cultural perspectives of doing business in Argentina. Argentina and the United States have had bilateral commercial relations for years, even with the downfall of Argentina’s economy in 2001 and the US economy a few years later. This paper will focus on the cultural aspects that affect these bilateral commercial relations, specifically the aspects of communication, religion, family and the hierarchy based within companies. Furthermore the paper will analyze what implications these aspects may have on the United States doing business with Argentina; and how the United States can strategically approach the market when doing ...view middle of the document...

Communication includes the different meanings of words across languages, verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and high context and low context communication (Satterlee, 2009).

Verbal communication is the spoken word. Every country has a language that they speak. Pronunciation, spelling, and grammar are essential elements of effective, communications. Properly executing verbal communication can lead to high respect (Satterlee, 2009). Language is a complicated, symbolic system in culture. It can be argued that a linguistic scale is a more widely acceptable scale than a culture’s values scale (West & Graham, 2004). Residents of Buenos Aires are called porteños. Their accent is different from many other Spanish Americans. One can clearly hear the Italian undertones of the accent. Furthermore, the Argentine Spanish incorporates many European languages to form their own phrases and words. This incorporation sets the Argentines apart from any other Spanish speaking country.
Nonverbal language consists of the body language and communication done without actually speaking (Satterlee, 2009). Argentines are infamous for their body language. They have a lower sense of personal space. They tend to speak with a lot of hand movements. Argentines are very ‘hands-on.’ It is not uncommon for an Argentine to kiss cheeks when greeting each other or shake hands for a long period of time.
There are two types of context within communication. There are high-context and low-context cultures. A high-context culture focuses on how information is delivered. This culture pays close attention to the nonverbal parts of communication. While low-context focuses on words or the substance that was delivered during communication. A low-context culture does not pay much attention to the nonverbal cues given during the communication (Satterlee, 2009). Geert Hofstede established the thought that culture was inside a person; a notion that convinced experts that what is correct in one culture group may not necessarily be correct in another culture group. Hofstede have a view of individualism and collectivism. Collectivism is when people communicate in context in which they pay attention to how things are said, the tone, and the gestures (Triandis, 2004). This can also be known as high-context. According to Hofstede Dimensions influence behaviors in culture. Collectivists believe that behavior is norms and roles in society rather than attitude and personality (Triandis, 2004).
Argentina is a high-context or collectivist culture. Argentines pay close attention to the manner in which a communication is conveyed. This intertwines with the nonverbal components of Argentine communication. If a person stands far away from the Argentine when speaking, the Argentine takes offense and does not pay attention to the communication as much. The high-context environment of Argentina can be shown through their national dance, tango. The dancers stand still...

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