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Global Diversity And Inclusion At Royal Dutch Shell

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Global Diversity and Inclusion at Royal Dutch Shell
1. Should he or the others attempt to respond to negative reactions to the composition of the new Executive Committee? What should they say? To whom? When? How?
2. What goals, if any, should they set for the effect of the restructuring on the composition of Shell’s managerial workforce?
3. How should they review the thousands of managers at the different levels of the organization and determine who should remain and who should be let go?
4. What were the pros and cons of using diversity & inclusion aspirational targets to manage workforce composition during the restructuring?
5. Assuming roughly comparable capabilities, should ...view middle of the document...

2. The managerial workforce is going to be deeply affected with the restructuring and it is imperative at this turn to check how the managerial work force should look like after the restructuring. Voser has emphasized the need for a flatter organization structure and less hierarchical levels, where performance and implementation can be made easier.
In this case the composition of the new managerial workforce shall have to reflect this.
With a third of the managerial staff leaving, the rest shall have to be organised in a manner that the hierarchical levels are reduced. The new managerial workforce will face additional liabilities and with there number reduced they have to be grouped in a manner that they will be able to handle the difficulties related to strength which may come up.
There will emerge new combinations as some units may be combined and others may be split up so the new managerial workforce will need to be set up accordingly. Thus in this case the main goal should be to have a managerial work force organized in a manner that can handle all the changes effectively and that the new pressures that come up get evenly scattered and can be born easily. At this point, if the new managerial workforce is not diverse it should be equipped with the right competencies to tackle the needs of the situation.
The new managerial work force will have to be composed of people who can handle the change that restructuring will bring with no difficulty. The aim should be to trim the managerial work force but in a way that it does not reduce productivity.
3. The biggest problem at the point of restructuring will be to choose whom to let go and whom to retain. Moreover, it can also be difficult to adhere to the culture of diversity and inclusivity at this time. Also, reviewing thousands of managers at different levels will not be easy. Therefore, it can get a bit easier only by concentrating on who should be let to go.
With restructuring there will emerge new demands and it is essential to find out who will be able to cope with the emerging situations. First of all when the new structures have been selected, then people should be chosen and grouped clearly as per these structures. Nextly, a filter can be applied to these new groups to find out the people who fit the least in the new criteria and they can be let to go. With main emphasis on competency, it can be easier o find out that who are the people to be retained. The strategy should be to check how many...

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