Global Operations Management Essay

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Global Operations Management


The world offers significant business opportunities for every company, however, opportunities are accompanied by significant challenges for managers. Managing global operations across diverse cultures and markets represents a big challenge and opportunity for companies. To compete in the global market and be successful, companies must learn the strategies, policies, norms and technology necessary to conduct international business. The opportunities for global expansion are numerous, and attaining success is a matter of developing the right strategy to win local markets and its consumers.

Global Operations Management

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Lack of awareness in this area will often lead to waste of time, energy and resources through unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts. Each country has its unique ways of communicate, act, think, or behave and managers should need to identify and recognized these differences to bridge the gaps between cultures for real communication to take place (Global Strategic Management, 1999). The language barrier is one of the biggest obstacles PPQ Parts manager will have to face when doing business in international markets. Language is one of the contexts in which the company should do adequate research before entering a foreign market, especially when the foreign language is a different one. Keeping an open mind and sensitivity to these differences can lead to better channels of communication and understanding for both parties. Cultural issues are present in all aspects of global activities, including selling to foreign customers, buying materials overseas, working with vendors, and setting up operations. Other issue that the company may face is complying with foreign government regulations and labor requirements. A company looking to set up manufacturing facilities in a foreign country may also face difficulties in making an effective transfer of core technologies, poorly trained local workers, financial restrictions, and a lack of inputs and supplies that meet the necessary quality standards. It is necessary that PPQ Parts managers identify and learn these regulations if they don’t want the company to get involved in any legal issues because this can be harmful to the company’s image.
It very important for a company doing business overseas, to become more aware of the cultural differences, as well as exploring cultural similarities, because this can be very beneficial for the managers to communicate in a more effective way with people from other backgrounds. Building trust between different people is very important but it can be also a complex process, since each culture has its own way of building trust and its own interpretation of what trust is. Is very important to respect and accept all these cultural differences if the company want to succeed in the international market. PPQ Parts Company will also need to take in consideration local tastes and preferences and buying habits to do business accordingly. The competition is also an important issue to consider when going global because, since the company will be...

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