‘Global Pollution And Construction’ Essay

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Unit 2
Sustainable Construction
Assessment Number 1
‘global pollution and construction’

This assignment is intended to provide an opportunity to develop an understanding of how construction operations contribute to levels of pollution on a global scale.

In the form of an illustrated written report of not less than 2000 words, explain four different forms of global pollution that arise from construction projects. You might want to include some of the following considerations in your report; (P2)
the release of sulfur dioxide,
the release of carbon dioxide,
acid rain,
the release of PM10 dust,
running diesel engines ….etc

If anything written or illustrated is not your own work you must provide footnotes to identify the reference source/s (book, website, handout etc.) you have ...view middle of the document...


Task 1
The four types of pollution that are becoming an issue with construction sites are:
● Air Pollution
● Water Pollution
● Noise Pollution
● Light Pollution
The invention of ways to minimise these forms of pollution are being worked on and will be discussed later on in this report.
The definition of pollution is as follows:
‘the presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects’
Construction sites are a massive solution and have all the contribution to the development of the changing world but have one huge problem - they cause so much annoyance for environmentalists for the amount of pollution they cause.
This report will talk about the problems with pollution and construction sites and the different types of pollution, stated above, how construction sites vastly enhance these forms and what what employers can do to minimise these violations.
Air Pollution
Activities in construction that enhance pollutive levels are:
● Land clearing
● Operation of diesel engines
● Demolition
● Burning
● Working with toxic materials
● PM10 Dust
PM10 dust is what is said instead of construction dust. It is particulate matter that is less than 10 microns in diameter and is invisible to the naked eye. Scientific research shows that PM10 dust, when breathed in, can line the inside of the lungs and can cause a whole wide range of respiratory based illnesses like asthma, bronchitis and sometimes even cancer. PM10 dust can spread long distances over long periods of time which is bad for populated areas around a construction site. Another source of PM10 dust is from diesel engine exhausts of vehicles and many heavy equipment. This type of PM10 dust is known as DPM (diesel particulate matter). DPM is made up of soot, sulphates and silicates. These particles all combine with natural existing gases in the environment and readily increase the health risk of particle inhalation.

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