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Global Racism Essay

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Global Racism
Do you think global racism is getting better or worse? In the society we live in today racism has gotten better. But now it’s a whole new racism not just what color that person is but also where they are from and what their culture is. Media is a very dominant mode of communications in the society that we live in today. Media plays a vital role in producing these stereotypes. As a result of that the media as in movies, fashion and even in school where students are educating themselves for the “real world”.
Racism makes its way into our heads through the almighty media. As we grow up, whether or not we want it to be, media becomes a factor of our lives. Media is also a major ...view middle of the document...

Stereotypes are deeply embedded in every society in numerous ways. The dictionary definition of a stereotype is “one that is regarded as embodying or conforming to a set image or type.” With that being said in the fashion world there is always a stereotype on how a person should look and do. As a makeup artist and working at a company that been around since 1976, I can show some personal stereotypes that I have witnessed. I started working there about 6months ago. What I have noticed about this company is that every time they create a product they do a surprise lunching. For the day of the launching they only send us the light color version of the family not all the colors. Light colors as in people with light skins colors the light family and the medium family. So African Americans come to the store and ask us about the new product we always have nothing to say but, “in couple of weeks we will have all the colors that would match your skin color.” At some point I understand the population of light skin colors might be more but there is no need to show others and prove to them that there is.
Is there stereotype in Sports? As the article “Race and Beyond: The Medias Stereotypical Portrayal of Race” by Sam Fulwood, she says Almost anyone will tell you that blacks dominate most mainstream sports in the United States. Every sport that is aired on television, especially football, gives the impression that African-American males literally are the American athletic scene. Here’s some statistics: there are only 1200 professional black athletes in the US. In addition, there are between 10-20 times more dentists, lawyers, and doctors in the black community than there are professional athletes. So that being said media plays a vital role in producing these stereotypes. This is because the media is a very dominant mode of communications in the society that we live in today.
Often what causes people to act racist is the fact that they have learned to conceal fear with racism. Many individuals react with fear towards those who look or appear different than them. Fear is what makes us uncomfortable, making us need to protect ourselves and defend, mostly causing pain and discomfort to the person or object of the fear. Stereotype causes people to behave in the certain way. For example in 9/11 people had fear and were scared to death of what will happen next. People assumed that it was the Middle Eastern fault. There are things that are said in the media about Arabs and Muslims that would never be tolerated or said about any other group. In the movie Non-Stop by Jaume Collet-Serra, Global action star Liam Neeson stars in Non-Stop, a suspense thriller played out at 40,000 feet in the air. During a transatlantic flight...

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