Global Understanding An Urgent Need: Mythological View

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If you look at any world news program you might realize that you have greatly enlightened yourself with facts about the United States. Most of the world knows that the U.S is the one and only super power. But what about the people in the U.S? Only 20% of Americans own a passport and only one of every four Americans says that they know enough about other countries to understand current world events. Why is this you may ask, well as you may have realized, there is very little education about the rest of the world in the U.S. Starting with the news programs, they are filled with nothing but information about the U.S. We have for the most of our history isolated ourselves in this cocoon. After ...view middle of the document...

He had as his consort the goddess Parvathi, daughter of the mountain king. A monster came to him and said, "I want your wife as my mistress." Shiva was indignant, so he simply opened his third eye, and lightning bolts struck the earth, there was smoke and fire, and when the smoke cleared, there was another monster, lean, with hair like the hair of a lion flying to the four directions. The first monster saw that the lean monster was about to eat him up. Now, what do you do when you're in a situation like that? Traditional advice says to throw yourself on the mercy of the deity. So the monster said, "Shiva, I throw myself on your mercy." Now, there are rules for this god game. When someone throws himself on your mercy, then you yield mercy. So Shiva said, "I yield my mercy. Lean monster, don't eat him. "Well," said the lean monster, "what do I do? I'm hungry. You made me hungry, to eat this guy up." "Well," said Shiva, eat yourself "So the lean monster started on his feet and came chomping up, chomping up-this is an image of life living on life. Finally, there was nothing left of the lean monster but a face. Shiva looked at the face and said, "I've never seen a greater demonstration of what life's all about than this. I will call you Kritimukha-face of glory." And you will see that mask, that face of glory, at the portals to Shiva shrines and also to Buddha shrines. Shiva said to the face, "He who will not bow to you is unworthy to come to me." From this we understand that life is the same for all human beings no matter whom you are. You've got to say yes to this miracle of life as it is, not on the condition that it follow your rules. From this remarkable understanding of life you understand that every human being has to face the same difficulties in life like yourself. This encourages you to accept others and learn more about them.There are also these wonderful ceremonies in India for marriage, adolescence, birth, death which are performed for everyone regardless of their social standing. This portrays to everyone that every single...

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