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Global Warmin Fact Or Fiction Essay

1050 words - 5 pages

Global Warming Fact or Fiction
Betty Jones
American Inter-Continental University

April 29, 2012


Global Warming Fact or Fiction

I. Concept of global warming
A. What is Global warming
B. What causes Global warming
II. Climate changes
A. Fact about Global dimming
Fiction about global warming
III. Global warming Impacts
A. Global warming impacts on infrastructure
B. Water quality affects people and ecosystems
IV. List four things that can be done to help with global warming

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Climate changes
One of the facts about global warming, and the importance is to understand the way it affects humans is to know what global dimming is. This is the fossil fuel use, for producing greenhouse gases, which creates other by-products. These same by-products are pollutants, such as sulphur dioxide, soot, and ash. These pollutants however, also change the properties of

clouds. An English scientist Gerry Stanhill, back in 1950 compared records of Israel’s sunlight.
He noticed a 22% drop in Israel’s sunlight. After searching other countries records, Stanhill, found that the US had lost 16% of sunlight this happens through pollution (Shah, A. 2005).
In Europe, they clean up emissions and various measures were taken .They reduced the pollutants that created smog and other problems, but did not reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in parallel to that. By doing this that they may have caused, or contributed to, the European heat wave back in 2003 that killed thousands of people in France, they saw forest fires in Portugal, and caused many other problems throughout their continent (Shah, A. 2005).
With the numerous hurricanes that have hit the Atlantic coast is another climate change that from experience shows that global warming is real. When the water is warmer than usual over the ocean there tend to be more activity with hurricanes especially here in South Florida. Sea levels are rising and glaciers are melting; record high temperatures and severe rainstorms and droughts are becoming increasingly common.
One of the fictions about global warming that skeptics are saying is that these predictions are made by various environmentalists and scientists and they are based on climatic models, which are actually computer generated programs, and they are difficult to rely upon. Everyone has his or her own theory and beliefs on global warming, the problem do exist.
Global warming Impacts
Global warming has affected the coffee industries and not just the industries the corner cafes as well. Due to the rising in temperature can make a difference the coffee growers livelihood is threaten by the extreme rainfall. Indian production of coffee decline nearly 30%. This affects

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