Global Warming First Warmer, Then Sicker

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In the article, “First warmer, then sicker,” there are some examples of the results of global warming. “Incremental temperature changes have begun to redraw the distribution of bacteria, insects and plants, exposing new populations to diseases that they have never seen before.” In Sweden, global warming has increased the “cases of tick-borne encephalitis since 1980s.” In Africa, it increased the area where mosquitoes can inhabit in Mt. Kenya, “bringing malaria to high villages that had never been exposed before.” On the other hand, global warming “helped reduce some diseases related to cold weather.” “One British study found that the number of children infected with a ...view middle of the document...

” That is, global warming probably adversely affects biodiversity on the earth. “Extinctions may so far outweigh evolutionary additions to biodiversity that our grandchildren will live in a much-diminished world.” Therefore, global warming causes a little evolutionary adaptation, new distribution of organisms, and the extinction of many creatures.
Global warming is also threatening our lives in many ways. First of all, global warming will cause harmful drought. According to an LA Times article, “Warming expected to intensify basin droughts,” “Global warming will worsen drought and reduce flow on the Colorado River; a key water source for Southern California and six other Western states….because the snow pack that feeds the Colorado River will shrink as the climate grows hotter….the snowpack will melt earlier, diminishing late spring runoff.” So, global warming may cause a decrease in the water we can drink or use in the future. Furthermore, heat waves caused by the high temperature kill people. Actually, in 2003, about 21,000 people were killed by heat waves in Europe. Global warming will...

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