Global Warming Is It Real Essay

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Is Global Warming Really a Threat or An Overly Publicized Theory by Scientist?

Global warming is something that we as a human race have to be concern with because it affects the very existence, as we know it for our children, the environment, and us. We have to ask ourselves is this a real treat to our future or is this a way of scientist being able to capture themselves and possibly do such things as write books and television interview to gain public support. This essay will definitely prove that Global warming is “real” and it poses a huge threat to the existence of human, animals and plant life, as we know it. It will look at the opinions and statements of different world ...view middle of the document...

Global warming is caused by greenhouse gasses, which are trapped in the atmosphere. These gases trap radiation from the sun and keep it from being released back into space (Pros and Cons of Global Warming, 2008). In addition, global warming is effected by major deforestations that are currently occurring in South America, Africa, and some parts of Europe. Scientist estimates that more than 40 percent of the excess carbon dioxide that has accumulated in our atmosphere has come from deforestation in the past centuries (Gore, Our Choice , 2009).
The Global warming process causes temperatures in many places on Earth to increase by a few degrees. A few degrees may not seem like a lot but colder regions like Alaska, Canada, and The North Pole the temperature increase could possibly have a negative astronomical effect. Scientist speculates that if the current warming trends continue, the polar ice caps will melt and many other environmental changes will occur. Most scientists agree that the greatest contributor to global warming is the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released in the atmosphere by natural and human made causes. Some scientists think methane gas, which is another type of gas plays a major role in the warming process than previous believed. Methane gas (CH4) is a gas that is formed when organic matter decomposes. The largest producers of methane gas are landfills, coal-mines, termites, live stocks and wetlands. Methane, like carbon dioxide traps heat energy and reflects it back to the earth surface. The difference of methane gas is that it does this process at a rate that is twenty to twenty five times the rate of carbon dioxide (Bender & Leone, 1997). Global warming is a process that is caused by climate change throughout the world. The average temperature has risen approximately 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit around the world since 1888. Much of the increase in the temperature has been in the last few decades. The rate of warming is increasing and the 20th century during the last two decades was the hottest period in over four hundred years and maybe the hottest over the millennium.
Opposers of global warming argue that global warming does not pose a significant threat to human health or the environment. They contend that alarms about the potential magnitude and negative consequences of global warming are based on questionable scientific findings. According to Jeffery Salmon, environmentalist and politicians have seized on these findings and have promoted a sense of crisis in order to further their own agendas (Bender & Leone, 1997). The fear of global warming has been warned by numerous newspapers and televisions reports. These reports have mankind as altering the earth’s delicate thermostat by spewing tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
The US Department of Energy states even for a twenty percent reduction in (CO2) emissions would require a tax forcing the...

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