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Globalisation And The Media Essay

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The media coverage of the September 11 attacks and of the events following have played an important role in the affecting of the publics view about Islam, the war on terror and the Middle East. The media distorts or manipulates information that is being presented to the public. Creating a distorted view of social reality for the individual viewing. Theobald in his article ‘Mystification in the Media: from ‘Ritual Murder’ to the ‘War on Terrorism’ he offers a powerful discussion about the medias portrayal of Islam, the War on Terrorism and the illusion created by modern journalism. Theobald’s in-depth analysis of the medias treatment of Islam, the war on terror and the representation of ...view middle of the document...

” (Theobald, J 2006, p.p 56) He goes on to explain further that nationalism and the media possess an intimate relationship “propaganda and war have been constant companions throughout the media age and the latest developments in media technology, invariably invented for military purpose in the first place, provide sophisticated channels of propagating.”(Theobald, J 2006, p.p 57) The article provides two main examples of supposedly liberal media to “link the early era of mass- circulation newspapers with the television age, suggesting that there are underlying continuities.” (Theobald, J 2006, p.p 57) The first example relates to a debate about anti-Semitism at the turn of the twentieth century, in which a Jewish man (Pisek) was accused of murdering a young girl. The anti-Semitic Deutsches Volksblatt seized on the story as an opportunity to pronounce him guilty of ritual murder. “ The controversy both distracted from the facts of the case and influenced the outcome of the trial… This confirmed the view that political and financial agendas of the media not only obstructed the channels through which the public was supposedly informed about events, but actually changed these events.” (Theobald, J 2006, p.p 60) Theobald’s second example focuses on the continual practice of discursive corruption and enemy creation by the media in support of the dominant political and commercial agendas. In particular post the September 2001 (9/11) attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre. An image has been created in the publics mind that Islam, is the public enemy. Theobald contends that the impact of the medias practices is “more disastrous than we think and the negative role played by the mass media is inherent in the prevailing economic and social- political structures and the media- driven nationalism and xenophobia is one of the most virulent of those toxins.” (Theobald, J 2006 p.p 62)
Theobald has made out a very strong case in support of his argument demonstrating ideas, research and theories in presenting his case. He provides controversial examples whereby he both presents evidence in support of his arguments and he exposes the myths and fallacies of alternative arguments in support of his own. Although Theobald does only focus on two main examples within the article he makes reference to several different journal articles, debates and viewpoints of informed professionals in support of his argument. Theobald explains his points in considerable detail discussing how each individual image that has been created can create pre conceived ideas and limit further possibility if debate. Theobald concludes his article pointing out these are just “two examples plucked from many of thousands of possible others, and will only convince as part of a larger argument” (Theobald, J 2006 p.p 66) and that this view or argument “ rests on analysis of a mountain of circumstantial evidence from which repeated patterns of misbehaviour emerge at many different times...

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