Globalization And Human Resources Essay

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HR: Obstacle Or Champion?
When we look at Globalization from a Human Resources Manager’s viewpoint we encounter many different interpretations and meanings. The world is growing “smaller” day by day and people are being brought together through technology. This growing concept of “globalization” that we see on the planet presents us with both challenges and benefits as a human race that we must learn to master. Human resources management is one of the key warriors that stands in the path for conquering and mastering globalization.
Human Resources has championed Globalization in many different ways, we have seen great change implemented throughout organizations. Human Resources has done a great job with building talented employees’ “Global Mindsets” for the last few years, implementing Ex-pat programs and dealing with global mobility issues of senior managers has allowed for great development within organizations. We have also seen the Human Resources function in an ...view middle of the document...

According to Pucik, “When the handful of proven competitive recipes is well known, the key to success is the organizational capability to execute. “ And we have seen many globalized firms execute in today’s world. Properly executing efficient Human Resource strategies such as, maximizing efficiency through local responsiveness, Ex-Pat programs, or developing a management team with a “Global Mindset,” has allowed companies to have a strategic advantage in todays world. Companies like McDonalds have used Human Resources to study different cultural adaptations to be made in the international environment, and then executed them correctly have seen incredible results.
A few of the key Human Resources functions have been impacted due to globalization. Some of these are compensation, hiring, and training. We have always seen the strive for making leaders in the business world, and today this concept is more important than ever. In his paper, Pucik talks about global staffing and global leadership development as a very important aspect for human resources to focus on in the near future, staffing and training is one of the most important roles of human resources in an organization. Pucik argues that companies need to train their future leaders to develop global mindsets in the near future and that opening horizons to allow for global experiences will be crucial. Pucik states that the human resource function may need to use multiple techniques in order train our future global leaders such as, internal education programs and to focus more on developing flexible global networks.
Globalization is a concept that is accelerating very fast in today’s world especially with the way technology is developing. To champion change is one of the hardest tasks for us to accomplish as human beings in today’s society, but with the right mindset and enough hard work it can always be done. Within Human Resources Pucik makes a very good point that, in order to grasp globalization completely Human Resources must be well-equipped with diversity going forward. Global mobility is the key and we have seen Human Resources make very successful global strategies within companies. One of the main characteristics that we have seen these companies do is correctly align their Human Resource strategy with their global corporate strategy.

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