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Globalization And Sustainability Essay

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Consumption and Sustainability
Victoria Gray
DTE 331 Humankind, Society and Technology

Chadron State College

March 16, 2009

Consumption and Sustainability
For many years, human consumed various resources of Earth including energy and raw materials not only to provide for their basic needs but as well as for their comfort. Adversities have risen owing to the growing consumption of available resources. The world is currently threatened due to the decreasing availability of resources. An evidence of this is the price hikes in oil, electricity and water consumption. As population grows, there is more need for residence and thus the ...view middle of the document...

The distance I travel using automobiles is very short a two mile distance to my place of work which allows me to ride my bike in the summer when the weather permits, I also love to walk in the summer to the stores and to my friends houses. My immediate family resides in Michigan I do not get the opportunity to visit very often considering the distance. I have not given much thought on the implications of how rapid my consumption is and how fast the resources I am consuming have diminished. Many people continue with the kind of lifestyle they have without recognizing the consequences in the future. People have to be aware of how much they consume and the adverse effects of their practices to the resources of the world. As an individual I can help save energy through using energy-saving technology, and living a frugal lifestyle in many different ways like turning down the heat or air conditioning before I leave my apartment, using incandescent bulbs that produces light; the rest is given off as heat. Unfortunately I do not have the area to grow a garden however in the summer I do go to farmers market and purchase fresh, local and often-organic produce and vegetables from the farmers stands in the area. Fair amounts of the furnishings I own are second-hand purchases from flea markets, yard sales and the goodwill. I also try to save as much water as I can turn off the water while brushing my teeth and keeping my showers to a minimum. My cleaning products are Green Works products that are all natural I also use baking soda and vinegar, which I learned from my Grandmother.
Energy Consumption and Shortage
The energy consumption trend has become a threat to the availability of resources.
Worldwide energy consumption has nearly doubled in the past 35-40 years owing to population growth, rising standards of living, increase in energy dependent innovations, and consumerism. Energy consumption has grown all over the world. The most dramatic increases are in China and other parts of Asia. Coal usage has also decreased. However, consumption of other major energy source has increased profoundly. Energy consumption has increased three times trend. If these trends continue, global energy consumption will be almost 60% higher in 2030 than now, and will double by mid-century. Fossil fuels will continue to dominate, and the share of nuclear power and renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy will be limited (Jackson, 2005). An analysis by McDaniel’s (2009) shows that increased economic activity and consumption creates deficits in terms of the balance of ecological productivity and consumption in a region, and may reduce long-term ecological sustainability.
There are various evidences that a problem exist in energy consumption. The Kaya Identity is a method, which projects the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide determined by population, GDP per capita, watts per dollar, and carbon dioxide production per watt. Through this evaluation...

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