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Globe Study Essay

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One of the biggest studies of effective leaderships in different cultures is the GLOBE study. The Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness Research Program is a network of 170 social scientists and scholars from 62 cultures throughout the world, working in a long-term effort to examine the relationships between culture, practices, and leadership. The goal of this study is to develop a theory to describe, understand, and predict the impact of cultural variables on leadership and organizational processes and the effectiveness of it all. A particular strength of the GLOBE study is the combination of qualitative and quantitative data. The book contains five sections: the ...view middle of the document...

GLOBE reviews various works related to leadership and the role of cultural influence versus leadership processes. Theoretical models that are discussed include cultural immersion, social network theory, resource dependency and institutional theory. Questionnaires given in each of the 62 cultures contained information on respondent organization culture, society culture and beliefs, and the effectiveness of the various attributes of outstanding leaders. Unlike the Hofstede study, GLOBE allowed for exploration of hypotheses at multi-level analysis, with possible analysis at four different levels: individual, organizational, industry, and societal.
The empirical findings of the study include nine cultural dimensions and six dimensions of leadership. It also reports the rankings of the 62 participating societies scores on the nine attributes of culture and the six global leader behaviors. The empirical findings include the effects of these attributes on organizational practices in each of the societies studied. There is a wide variation in perceptions of effective and ineffective leadership as well as in values and practices relevant to dimensions of culture.
The nine cultural dimensions are performance orientation, uncertainty avoidance, in-group collectivism, power distance, gender egalitarianism, humane orientation, institutional collectivism, future orientation, and assertiveness. The six culturally endorsed leadership theory dimensions are charismatic/value based, team-oriented, participative, humane oriented, self-protective, and autonomous.
The findings of the study are listed below for each of the ten regions based on the dimensions mentioned above. Latin America was found to be charismatic/value based, collaborative, have inspiring leadership and a culture of...

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