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Research Paper: NAB Customer Service Employee Turnover
GM591ON_M Leadership and Organizational Behavior

This paper will focus on the Customer Service department at North American Bancard. An overview of the company including the author's role will be explicated. Essential issues, events, and actions to help frame the problem will be identified. The problem statement will be well defined and specific enough for each reader to gain a clear idea of the Organizational Behavior topic and the direction of the research. Each reader will be given an encapsulated review of what information the author found most relevant to the research. ...view middle of the document...

The merchant is able to safely select a cost effective method of processing that is most convenient for their company. North American Bancard has the industry's largest selection of free equipment. North American Bancard offer credit card processing to businesses of all sizes, big and small. Technical Support is available 24 hours and 7 days a week to assist the merchant. Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am-10:00pm est. to assist all time zones at a proper time.
North American Bancard stays on the forefront of modern business thinking. They are consistently offering highly-competitive pricing. Over 135,000 businesses trust North American Bancard by processing more than $12 billion-worth of transactions every year. Helping the merchants that they service grow is their philosophy. North American Bancard believes in the American dream of opportunity for all.
My role within the organization is as a Research Analyst within the Customer Service department. My duties include, but are not limited to, researching and responding to merchant complaints that are received directly by them, the Better Business Bureau, their attorney, or the Attorney General. If there are too many calls waiting to speak with a Customer Service associate, I will assist the associates by taking calls, allowing merchants to be assisted as quickly as possible. I also handle escalated issues that need further research, an explanation letter, or apology letter. Last but not least, I assist with the rate reviews, and ensure merchants are being assessed the lowest rates possible based on their processing volume, and the industry standards.
Problem Identification
The call center director was hired in April of 2011 with the intent of transforming the Customer Service department. His first move within this transformation process was to terminate the three out of four Customer Service managers who were not willing to adapt to change. This was a big step, but it was well needed. He then hired another Customer Service Manager in August of 2011, to fulfill his goal of having two Managers assist with running the department. Since the call center director was hired, the Customer Service department has improved tremendously. The only thing that has not improved is the high turnover rate. How can the employee turnover rate within the Customer Service department decrease?
Literature Review

Retaining Valued Employees

Retaining employees is one way the turnover rate can decrease, Branham (2000), focuses on retaining valuable employees by incorporating four key elements. The first key elements is, “be a company that people want to work for”. There are many companies that have been labeled as, “employers of choice”. These employers all have something in common, which is how they value their employers (Branham, 2000). They treat their employees with respect and like family. With being an “employer of choice,” people are the most...

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