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Go Ask Alice Essay

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Alice is a good girl but she is very insecure. She worries a lot about her weight and always thinks of herself below others. Alice and her family are moving because her dad got a new job. This made Alice very happy but her happiness becomes short when she feels like and outcast at her new school. She is very lonely and scared. Everyone in her family has settled in well, while Alice on the other hand, is having a hard time. Hat summer Alice decides to go spend time with her grandmother because she her only friend Beth went away. An old friend, Jill invites her to a yearbook signing party, even though they didn’t go to the same school. At the party, Alice began to feel a little different ...view middle of the document...

They even begin to sell the drugs in school to help Richie and Chris’s boyfriend and also to get more money. Chris and Alice find out that Richie and her boyfriend are sleeping together so they decide to leave to San Francisco. They had told police that Richie and his friends were selling drugs and they got in trouble. In San Francisco, both of them are having a hard time finding a job. Chris finally finds a job and works for women named Shelia. She invites them over to her house for a party in which Chris and Alice begin to use drugs again. They even began to use heroin. While on the heroin, Alice realizes that Shelia and her boyfriend are raping and hurting both of them. Yet again they decide to stop doing drugs but this doesn’t last long. Alice begins to miss her family and decides she wants to go home for Christmas. Chris then begins to use marijuana again and so doesn’t Alice. Police then raid Chris’s room and find the drugs. Since they had told on the boys when they came back to town they boys told on them. Both girls were put on probation and Alice had to go see a psychiatrist. Alice keeps doing drugs and hitchhikes to Denver with some other drug users. She ends up losing the kids she was with and losing all her money. Since she had no more money she needed to get her fix some how so she started prostituting just to get her fix. Alice decides finally to just go back home. She cleans herself up. Though, Alice was happy with her family life she wasn’t so happy with her social life. Now that she didn’t do drugs, she didn’t fit in with the druggies and the straight kids didn’t want her. She even ends up meeting a really cute college freshman named Joel.
Some point after she returns home, she ends up in the hospital with her nails bitten down to the cuticle and scratches all over her face. She doesn’t even no how she got there, all she can think of is the worms eating at her. When her grandfather has passed away all she thought about was how he was getting eating by the worms so she thought the same thing was happening to her when she was at the hospital. Alice was over Mrs. Larsen’s house helping her baby-sit because she has just broken her leg and Alice wanted to help her out with the baby. Later she finds out that someone put LSD in her food which in turn made her go crazy. Jan told the court that Alice was on drugs and was trying to sell them in school to them. Because of her statement, the courts decide to...

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