God Exists In Everything Essay

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‘A Different History’ poem written by Sujata Bhatt talks about religion and language. This is because, according to Sujata Bhatt the first five lines of the first stanza ‘Great Pan is not dead; he simply migrated to India’ means God exits in everything and anywhere in everyone’s breath and even in soul as a light guiding the journey of life. For example, in India snakes and monkeys were regarded God as stated in the forth line of the first stanza. This is because, snakes are part of Hindu Mythology and mentioned as Naga Gods. It is believed worshiping of the snakes bring happiness, wealth and fame. Whereas, monkeys are known as Hanuman in the Indian epic of Ramayana. Therefore, God is regarded as omnipresent where he exists everywhere in everyone’s life and belief.
However, according to the eight line of the first stanza, books also worshiped as God, from where knowledge comes from. There will be a religious ceremony known as Sarasvati pooja for Goddess Sarasvati ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, books are created and worship as Goddess Sarasvati. Knowledge is playing a significant role in pursuing a person’s ambition in the future. For example, books contained much specialist instruction in fields for those who want specific skills, such as required to be a pilot. Therefore, according to Sujata Bhatt, by throwing and slamming down hard on a table considered as a sin. This is because, it is through Goddess Sarasvati that language and writting is revealed.
Furthermore, books are made from woods and woods are made from trees. Therefore, trees are regarded as a sacred as a bible. This is because, books cannot be created without trees. Besides, a person who uses a book must learn how to turn the pages in the book gently and smoothly. This is because, pages in a book might be torn if to open roughly. Sarasvati considered as goddess for learning and education. Learning and education comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from books. Whereas, books comes from trees. Therefore, giving no importance to trees its like giving no respect to Goddess Sarasvati.
However, second stanza talks about language. Language also playing an important role in relation to knowledge and learning. This is because, to learn, knowledge is important and to learn knowledge, language is important. For example, all the Commonwealth countries were the Britain’s subjects and India was one of the list. Therefore, language plays an important role for India to gain independence in 1947 from the British. For example, Mahatma Gandhi’s statement of “Learn English to drive out the English from India”. Mahatma Gandhi was the person who is responsible India’s independence.
Besides, second stanza also talks about politics where India was one of the British’s colonial countries. Therefore, language is not only playing an important role in knowledge but also in politics. This is because, the people were tortured and suffered when India was under the English ruling. The English was made compulsory to the people to learn. However, the English language became their power to uphold their rights and freedom against the British. On the other hand, the English language is still giving importance to India as a whole in terms of ecnomic, social and politics.

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