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In his book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, Christopher Hitchens dissects and criticizes the various claims of religions and the tragic events that have been caused by various religions. The title of the book sums up the arguments of Hitchens in this book in the fact that he makes many arguments of why “religion poisons everything.” The majority of the chapters in this book discuss why he believes religion to be a manmade notion that has led to more trouble than anything else in the world. Most of his focus is on the three Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism but he does fit in criticism of other religions as well. The topics he chooses to discuss range ...view middle of the document...

Christopher Hitchens makes the argument of the nonexistence of God by using the examples of the faults of religion then he concludes his book with a chapter on a need for the abolishment of religion to study human kind without its presence.
Hitchens arguments begin strongly at the start of chapter two. The themes of this chapter and that of chapter four deal with how religion is effective at ending lives. The discussion in the second chapter revolves around the political situation in which violent outbreaks have been caused by religious people. A good number of pages in this section deal with a response to a question he was given. The question in Hitchens’s words is “I was to imagine myself in a strange city as the evening was coming on. Toward me I was to imagine that I saw a large group of men approaching. Now- would I feel safer, or less safe, if I was to learn that they were just coming from a prayer meeting?” (18). The answer from Hitchens is that he would be scared and the reason he gives is due to his experiences from various places that have had struggles with politics that stem from religious causes. His view on these conflicts leads him many times to the statement that “religion poisons everything” (22).
Chapter four talks of another way religion ends life in the form of the risks they take on individual health. The first example he uses is that of polio vaccine. In Nigeria, the polio vaccine as close to eradicating the polio virus, but the Muslim leaders made the claim it was an U.S. plot and forbade believers to take the pills thus reversing the progression made by the vaccine (Hitchens 45). He goes on the question the circumcision ritual and goes into graphic detail of the ritual that goes on between rabbi and the person being circumcised (51). The next part of the argument is the mental health problems caused by sexual repression (53-55). The chapter ends with a discussion of the religions obsession with the gory...

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