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God Is The Key To Happiness

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Who do you think has the best life on the earth? People with a lot of money, or people who are famous? When I was ten years old, I used to think that people who have money, just like Bill Gates, have the best lives on the earth. But then when I got older, I thought that people who are famous and also have money are the ones with the best lives on this earth, Just like LeBron James.

In the age of thirteen, I used to dream that I was going to have one of these lives in the future and I can become someone like LeBron James. But what should have been a wonderful dream was turned into a personal fear and disaster of losing a friend and classmate, Just after my teacher asked one of my ...view middle of the document...

He said that he did not want anything and he had all the things he needed and he was the happiest man on the earth, but after his retirement from NBA because of his HIV virus, he told reporters that he takes back what he said. Because they were so happy that they forgot god and they said that they do not need anything from him and they forgot to pray him. I remember one day that John did not pay attention to the prayer in class and after our teacher asked him: why are not you paying attention to the prayer he answered: I do not need the prayer, prayer is for those people who are in need, I am not in need at all. But I think god answered him back with the cancer so he would remember god forever and he would pray him forever, just like HIV virus of Magic Johnson which made him to pray every night so maybe god would listen to him and let him survive, There are no ways that you forget who gave you your life and who can take it back, yes it is just God and God has the control of your life. If you think you can control your life, you are absolutely wrong because I just proved it with this experience of mine.

I thank God that I was not the person who experienced this sad situation and I was someone who learned a lot from John and Magic Johnson. I learned something that is hard to learn, I pray to god every night and that is what I learned from them: every single person is in need of God. Part of my prayer is to tell God that I want him to give me just my health because you can be famous and rich if you are healthy but you will not care about being wealthy anymore if you are not healthy, just like...

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