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God’s Faithfulness On Israel From Its Formation To Its Restoration

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God’s Faithfulness on Israel from its Formation to its Restoration

This dissertation aims to go over God’s overall faithfulness to the nation of Israel in its formation and the period of its restoration. According to Genesis 13:14-16 (Geisler, 1977) the nation of Israel is the descendant of Abraham, and its history commences with God's covenant with Abram in approximately 2000 B.C., "I will make you into a great nation" (Genesis 12:2), Thus God changed his name “Abram’ to Abraham (meaning a “father of multitude)”.
The nation of Israel began with God’s call of Abraham to go to the land of Canaan, the Promised Land. After men has fallen prey to sin and rejected God in the ...view middle of the document...

Then, by means of an amazing series of miraculous events, God delivers the Israelites of out Egypt in the Exodus (Hebrew: "a going out"). The Exodus is the occasion that most Jews look to as the foundation of the nation of Israel. The Exodus is the act of deliverance which Israelites dwell on as the demonstration of God's love and protection of Israel.
Only after Israel had moved across Egypt’s border did she have size and identity with which other nations would have to reckon with, but she already had a history that stretched back through the years to her fathers, Jacob and Abraham. To Jacob the twelve heads of the respective tribes had been born, and to Abraham God had given His promise of a nation. This is also supported by God’s prediction to Abraham in Genesis 15:13, Stephen’s statement in Acts 7:6, and finally by the high improbability of Jacob’s family multiplying in size to nation of over two million people occurring in less time.

Theocratic Period
Once the Exodus was completed, God established a conditional covenant with the Israelites at the Mountain of Sinai. Subsequently the nation of Israel was ruled according to the divine law given through Moses in Mt. Sinai. It is there that God proclaimed His Law (the Ten Commandments). It is there that God promises blessings for adherence to His Law and curses for noncompliance. “The Book of Judges narrates seven cycles of God’s people as they moved from sin to servitude to supplication and salvation through a deliverer-judge” (Geailer,1977:106). (Throughout times of victory and defeat, king and judges, priests and prophets, restoration and exile - the Israelites are blessed when they obey God and disciplined when they do not.
The Messiah that would come through the nation of Israel was always intended to be the Savoir for all mankind (Isaiah 49:6). Based on recent events in the Holy Land, it is clear that God's promise to Abraham is still being fulfilled. Accordingly, God's promise to bless all peoples through Israel is still absolutely apparent. The teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the growth and influence of His church, were made possible through God's choice of Israel as His people. All people who accept Jesus as their Messiah, whether Jew or Gentile, receive the great blessings of God, channelled through His chosen people, the nation of Israel.

Monarchical Period
The united Kingdom of Israel was a kingdom that existed in the Land of Israel, according to the Bible, a period referred to by scholars as the United Monarchy. Before the united monarchy, the Israelite tribes lived as a confederation under ad hoc charismatic leaders called Judges. In around 1020 BCE, under extreme threat from foreign peoples, the tribes united to form the first United Kingdom of Israel. Samuel anointed Saul from the tribe of Benjamin as the first king in c. 1020 BCEE, but it was David who created a strong unified Israelite monarchy.
According to the biblical account, the...

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