God's Perfect Creation Essay

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Alma Zarate
English 1301
Mr. Parkhurst
God’s Perfect Creation Thru My Own Eyes
When I was growing up, I would think of motherhood as a wonderful precious gift from God. There were times when I dreamed of getting married and having my own children. In my mind, my children would be perfect in every little way. The thought of me having children made me happy.
I was eighteen years old when my first son was born. The first time I got to hold him in my arms, it was love at first sight. I cannot find the words to described what I felt that morning. I still remember it like it was yesterday or a dream which I cannot wake up from. My husband, mother, and younger brother ...view middle of the document...

The nurses noticed that after about an hour he had not opened his eyes. They proceeded with additional testing completed by both the nurses and a doctor that was called in to oversee the additional testing. It was then that the medical staff found out that my newborn baby boy was born with empty eye sockets. This is a rare condition medically known as microanophthalmia.
The doctor’s finger fit inside the eye socket, with plenty of room to wiggle around. The pediatrician had no previous knowledge of the condition. The only thing the doctor knew to do was to get a second opinion from an ophthalmologist, his close friend.
The ophthalmologist rushed to the hospital, not caring what time it was or even that it was a holiday. Microanophthalmia, a rare congenital eye condition, which affects 1 out of every 1000 children. This condition can cause from mild to sever blindness, due to a small, cyst-like orbit or the missing of one or both orbits. It was after the ophthalmologist made his diagnosis that the medical staff decided to notify us of the rare medical condition.
As the medical staff delivered the news that my baby was born blind as the result of missing his two orbits. I became overwhelmed by a sheet of fear that was permanently sewed on. I did not asked any questions and only said, “Okay.” Before they left I was asked if I was okay and if I wished to speak to someone. I asked to speak to my mom. When the nurse handed me the phone, I heard my mom’s voice asked, “What is wrong.” The only words that came out of my mouth were, “Mom, I need you more than ever.”
It only took thirty minutes for my mom to make it to the hospital. She...

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