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Godfather Essay

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Acting and Directing for Film

The Godfather Essay
Character Evolution

Genuine character development is simply a product of habit and a result of cultivating yourself and working to become a certain way. Working to be that ‘perfect’ version of yourself. The youngest son of Don Vito Corleone, Michael Corleone, transforms from the most decent Corleone into the most despicable. It is this extremely astonishing yet extraordinary character arc that makes this film so memorable.
In the beginning, Michael wanted absolutely nothing to do with the family business. Neither did his father want him to be involved in the Mafia. So instead Michael became an army man, enlisted in the ...view middle of the document...

Later, arguing that Sollozzo will likely take another run at Vito, he volunteers to kill both Sollozzo and McCluskey. A gun is planted for him at a restaurant, and he plays it off to them as if he wants to talk business, but he waits for the right moment and then murders them both. Michael’s character has a major twist here because he worked so hard to not be driven into the ways of his family but in order to protect it he stands up as a hero and takes down the men that want to tear up his family. He was forced to flee to Sicily and even though he was in a steady relationship with his future wife Kate, he has to leave her, and he changes from love being his main focus to defending his family’s business. Michael then changes again to becoming the operating head of the family, he orders murders of the leaders of the New York’s Mafia’s head persons, and reestablishes the Corleone family as the most powerful crime family in the nation. His reputation for himself transforms to him wanting to be even more cunning and ruthless than his father. Michael became the new Don Corleone and no longer has the feelings and views he had in the beginning.
All the events throughout The Godfather shaped Michael from believing what his family does is wrong to believing that his family’s crimes are a necessary evil. In the end, he is organizing the execution of these crimes as the family’s new Don, and by becoming The Godfather he reasons all these wrongdoings as completely necessary. When his family’s power was threatened he became the only one capable of preserving it. Michael was once a hero to his country in war, but throughout the movie he becomes a hero to his family. With a lot on his plate, he is virtually unable to cope with problems internally, always finding a way to solve them externally.  This leads to the many murders he orders such as when Michael secures his family’s seat of power by having...

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