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Gods Will Have Blood Book Review

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The Impact of the Jacobin Phase to the French Public
(Shown throughout The Gods Will Have Blood)

The Gods Will Have Blood was set during the Jacobin Phase of the French Revolution, in which the French people were being impacted both positively and negatively. A food shortage is a wide spread scarcity of food, to execute is to kill as a punishment, and a mind-set is a mental attitude towards situations. The French citizens were impacted negiatively from the Jacobin Phase of the French Revolution by having a shortage of food, as well as being executed for no reason, yet were also impacted positively by having a new mind-set.
During the Jacobin Phase, the French ...view middle of the document...

This was shown throughout the book, and one example would be where Evariste goes ‘What did it really matter whether this soldier was innocent or guilty!’ showing that he would execute him none-the-less. Another example of this would be in a trial where Gamelin declares that a poor old woman deserved death for simply showing Royalist emotion, and Gamelin goes on to say “If reserved only for the aristocrats, the guillotine would have appeared to him as a sort of iniquitous privlege” Even another instance was the case of Jacques Maubel, in which Maubel was sentenced to death by a solid majority for simply having dried carnation petals and not explaning where they’d come from. These instances all showed a negative impact from the Jacobi Phase , being punished for no reason.
An advantage to the French citizens from the Jacobin Phase was being able to develop a new mind-set or outlook on life. An example of this was by the character Gamelin, when his mindset changes and he begins to loathe the old artistic style of pre-revolutionary France, which is shown where it states “He recognized in them the degrading effects of the monarchy and the shameful corruptive influences of the Courts”....

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