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Goerge Iii's Response To The Declaration Of Independance. Posistion Yourself As George Iii And Respond

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To the Thirteen Colonies of British AmericaSeptember 4, 1776I, King George the Third, have just received the document entitled The Declaration of Independence. This shall be disregarded by the British government and British colonies. As to the colonies rebellion this has been an illegal movement and shall be stopped immediately.The accusations made by this unnamed group of rebels were unjust and illegal. The laws made ...view middle of the document...

The governors would have passed laws that could have brought attacks on them.The relinquishment of representation was placed into effect because the colonies are not a part of the mainland.Legislative meetings were called by my subjects and me. These meetings were not placed in unusual locations for the intimidation or fatiguing of the members. They were simply placed in an area known to all.Opposing the King is a capitol offense and when the Representative Houses were dissolved I gave these people another chance. If these people had been in Britain they would have been quartered or executed in another harsh manner.As for the fact that I am the sole ruler of Britain and its outlying lands, this has been a standing manner since the beginning of Britain and will continue to be true. There is no reason to change the government because we have been functioning with perfection.Murders were not committed under order of me. Executions may have been for serious crimes.The Independent United States shall not be recognized nor traded with. These colonies will remain property of the British.King of EnglandGeorge III

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