Going Back To The Natural Way

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Apostol, Camille C. March 7, 2014
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Going Back to the Natural Way

“Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favour compared with the products of nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life.”- Thomas Edison. Even a scientist himself believed that no chemicals that overshadowed the importance of nature can equal its greatness. Edison further stated that future doctors would not give medicine to is patients but rather interest his patients in the care and prevention of disease.
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One can make use of the environment to boost or protect them from disease. Though news and media says that the natural sources of the earth is becoming limited and extinct, we must know that some natural sources like plants, fruits and vegetables can be renewed. By planting, even in your own backyard or on hills or mountains and plain fields, we can save mother earth, provide income to farmers, use plant parts to save, protect and cure ourselves from disease and most of all we can conserve, protect and rebuild mother nature.
The world consists of many energies, laws and principles that govern the relationship between human and nature. Most Asians are concerned with the maintenance of these energies. The use of herbal medicine includes ideas such as importance of harmony between mind and body and an excellent way to produce such as state is to stay within the limits of nature. Herbal medicine proves that balance is needed by the body to sustain or heal itself. Present generation would say that instead of maintaining the balance of the body, one should be more focused on fast recovery. There opinion stands a point but fast recovery might mean temporary medication and not long-lasting. Herbal medicine provides long-lasting medications by maintaining the homeostasis of the body.
Although Western Medicine has proved to be successful in giving temporary medication, many side effects of the medications has harmed many people. Most herbal medicines are well tolerated by the patient with fewer unintended consequences than pharmaceutical drugs. They are also free from many strong chemicals. Herbal medicines are milder than allopathic medicines, thus does not destroy the balance in one’s body. Herbal medicines can be consumed without the aid of any kind of prescription. Some philosophical doctors and practitioners say that the scientific study of herbal medicine is still so young that it only has few tests, articles, statistics and results discovered regarding its safety. However, many testimonies has proven that herbal medicine users only had some stomach pain while western medicine users experienced some heart attack, shortness of breath, palpitations, constipations and others.
In the market today, herbal medicine costs significantly lower than the western medicine. It does not need to undergo long and expensive clinical testing. Some of these can also be done or made at home. Some may say that these medicines are not a hundred percent in quality. These, for some instances may be true but herbal medications are more affordable than mainstream medications simple because they are found in nature and are abundant with mostly all kinds of vitamins and or nutrients.

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