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Going For Wow At Notthingham Spirk Essay

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Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

Chapter 7 Question #1: Every aspect of the organization and work experience seems to support
the process of empowering the staff at the company to think creatively. The company has been
very intelligent about creating an atmosphere that has both physical and also intellectual
inspiration so that the daily process of meeting their clients objectives of growth and customer
satisfaction are paramount in their activities. The most impressive and physically dominant
feature of this empowerment is the actual physical office space associated with the company.
Utilizing an architectural rarity to house the corporate offices was an ingenious move by the ...view middle of the document...

This cannot be accomplished without supporting creativity in a way that is effective.
Chapter 7 Question #3: The diverge-converge sessions are an ingenious way to create employee
and team creativity. What is most dynamic to these sessions is that they bring structure and
measurement to a process that is by nature unstructured and intangible. The sessions provide
each employee with an outlet to be creative and freethinking while at the same time
systematically moving forward towards an actionable solution. The company seems to have
mastered the ability for individuals to be free thinkers through their own independent thought
process and expertise.
This is augmented by the ability for the ideas generated by the individuals to be evaluated by the
group in a way that is not critical in the traditional sense, but seems to be empowering in a way
that supports the initial intentions of the idea generator and seeks to add value to ideas that the
group deems need more improvement. This system of finding new ideas and then voting on
where each one stands within the three choices of “so what, nice, and wow” is purely genius.
Chapter 8 Question 1: The three main problems associated to teams are conflicts amongst
members which lead to inefficiency, inability to focus, and lack of productivity. Conflict
amongst members generates from a lack of respect regarding the ideas of all the members, where
domineering personalities take actions which disregard the wishes and contributions of others,
what this creates is situations where many members don’t get to contribute their greatest ideas
and skills, which brings down their productivity and creates situations where those contributions
are not a part of the final product, bringing down the overall quality of the project. The next
problem is that of lack of focus. Most teams have problems within this area because they don't
set specific tasks to be accomplished in each session. A lack of preparation for meetings and


communication about action items since the last meeting creates results that are not focused on
the mission. The third problem is lack of productivity because members don't properly
communicate and work together. Often times each member is not properly introduced to the
group to make suggestions and there is not on agenda and timeline developed to ensure that the
team is moving forward. No clear responsibilities are set where tasks can be divided, keeping the
group activity stagnated.
Chapter 8 Question 2: As a manager of a virtual team, I would work very hard and dedicate the
initial meetings towards having team member learn about each other while simultaneously
delegating specific tasks to each member. It is vital for each team member to respect one another
and be completely dedicated to the mission of the team, so I would have members send
information about each other via email and during the virtual meetings at the beginning have
each person elaborate on their specialty and their vision for the...

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