Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

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Sydney, Australia1995, age 18I'm on a bus staring at the ocean as I go over the Harbour Bridge, the sun's reflection on the water is nothing like I have ever seen before. Boats crossing the ocean give me many memories; I look away, and see tall skyscrapers everywhere, buildings towering over me, shadowing me from the sun's bright light. I look up at the beams above and my eyes follow the girders. I can see the Australian flag above me and I know from this moment everything is going to be alright.Baghdad, Iraq, 1st Gulf War1991, age 14An explosion rocked the street, glass shattered everywhere, I was assaulted with a blast of hot smoke, I was blown off my feet and shielded myself as splinters ...view middle of the document...

He threw me onto the back of a truck and returned me home.On the floor of the lounge room I saw mum crying, curled up in a ball shape. She ran to me with her arms open and we hugged as if it had been decades since we last saw each other. She looked up at me with teary eyes and stuttered ''father... is dead'' .It took me a while to comprehend what had happened. I stared into my mum's eyes for about two minutes until I burst out crying. I couldn't stop, I knew it was making mum worse, but I had no control over it. We hugged together all night until we fell asleep on the lounge room floor.In the morning I woke up to the sound of my mother moving around the house and packing some of my clothes in a suitcase. I asked her ''What are you doing?'', she replied with ''Get ready, we're going out.'' I did as she asked and we left the house with a suitcase in my mum's hand. We arrived at the wharf where people were crowded around, trying to escape the city. My mum said ''You are going to Australia'', she gave me a ticket.''Are you going?'', I asked.She answered ''No, I can only afford one ticket, but this is the only way you will survive.'' We said our goodbyes and I reluctantly hopped onto the cargo ship crying and screaming out to my mum ''I love you, I love you, I love you!'' I walked into a cargo box, along with two hundred others. The boat left the wharf and I watched my mother's eyes through a port hole. I could see Iraq getting smaller and smaller. I was glad to be leaving smoking houses, destroyed villages and dead corpses lying on the side of the road, but I was also sad to leave my mother, my father's grave and my home.Five months had gone by and it was just like another day of sleeping, eating, and that's probably all we did everyday. Suddenly I heard a loud cry, ''Close the hatches!'' Men raced over and closed the door, my world fell into darkness. Suddenly two hundred voices were dead silent with fear, we could hear men talking outside. We were surrounded by loud bangs, the sound of men talking turned into a large amount of men arguing and yelling. There were sounds of...

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