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Golden Lion Essay

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Golden Lion Tamarin

| |Kingdom Animalia |
| |Phylum: Chordata |
| |Class: Mammalia |
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DID YOU KNOW? Golden Lion Tamarins are one of the most endangered species of primates in the world.

Interpretive Information of Interest
• Older siblings help the fathers care for the newborn.
• Adults of the same sex are extremely aggressive toward one another.
• Food sharing is an important part of their social structure.
• Females in estrus tend to limit scent marking because they do not want to advertise to males other than their own mates.
Golden Lion Tamarin

Description:They are diminutive squirrel-like monkeys with dense, bristly coats. Their hands and feet are very long and their faces are hairless. Their digits have claw-like nails except for their big toes, which have flat nails. Their heads are surrounded by manes of hair. Their coats are almost uniformly gold in color, with occasional darker or lighter areas in the tail region.

Size: Weight: Between 13 and 25 ounces.
Height: About 8 to 13 inches.
Length: Tails between 13 and 16 inches long with overall length (head to tail) up to 29 inches.

Behavioral Adaptations: Golden Lion Tamarins have a variety of high-pitched calls, some of which are inaudible to humans. Their calls sound like bird trills with complex patterns. They have a “long call” which they use to maintain pair bonds and to signify another group’s presence in their territory. They have keen eyesight and hearing. They move through the trees quadrapedally.

Life Cycle / Social Structure: Golden Lion Tamarins are diurnal, completely arboreal monkeys living in family groups consisting of an adult pair and offspring of different ages. These...

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