Golf And Gender Roles Essay

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Golf began when some Scotsman were hitting rocks with sticks in the fifteenth century. Was this sport made just for the men, or is it a sport that everyone can enjoy? Many say golf means, “Gentlemen only; Ladies forbidden.” This makes one believe that women are not allowed to enjoy the game of golf. This however came from men. The men believed this was their time to be men and to get away from their wives and children. Golf is just as much of a woman’s sport as it is a mans. Golf is a sport where everyone is equal, except the fact that women get to tee off up closer to the hole. This is due to the fact that women are not as strong and the men were trying to even up the playing field. ...view middle of the document...

There was even golf clubs that would not allow women to get a membership or even golf at their clubs. In fact there are still golf clubs today that do not allow women to golf. This was considered discrimination, but it was something that no one could do anything about. With privately owned clubs, it is no one’s choice who can golf except the owners. Women may deserve to be treated the same as men, but there are people out there that do not agree. There are people who think that the men need a sport that lets them get away from their families and to just mess around and be men. Men can still golf with their guy friends and get away from their wives and women can still golf and do what they love.
Golf is a game of imperfection. It is hard to believe “when we see men like Player and Nicklaus play shots like these, we are always delighted and given to wonder where they come from. Don’t bother to ask, because they don’t know either. They will shrug and say, as Player did rather appealingly, ‘I wish I knew.’” Every shot will not be the same, but in the end all the shots will combine to make a good, bad, or just average round. A golfer wants to have a bunch of average shots, because the perfect shots are, “a fluke, an accident.” If one hits the ball in the right direction one will have a great day. If a golfer can hit the ball good, but cannot hit it straight, that golfer will have a hard time staying out of trouble. One does not need a strong long game because in the end the short game is what is going to make you have an amazing round. Most people believe this is an advantage the women have due to the fact that they cannot hit the ball as far as the men, which lets them fall short of the hazards. Women do not get enough credit when it comes to golf. There are so many great women golfers that do not get as much praise as the men like Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus. Arnold Palmer was an amazing golfer in the 1960’s. He had true heart and ‘was the smash buckling adventurer who played the game with courage and élan, never backing down from the daring shot, always shooting for the flag.” Those women golfers work hard knowing that they will not get the praise that the men do, but they do it for the love of the game.
The swing of the club “may appear different, but, because basically there is only one correct way to deliver the club to the ball, they look almost identical at impact.” Most people do not swing the club the same, but the ending is always the same if one wants to have a good hit. People are not wired to have the same swing; it takes a lot of hard work and practice to get the perfect swing. As a golfer, one would know how long it takes to get the perfect swing. Some people do not even get that swing for their entire lifetime. One does not need a perfect swing though. Having a lot of power is a great need in golf, so “strong legs are the greatest asset a golfer can have.” One must maximize his or her strengths to become a good golfer. Arnold...

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