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Gone With The Wind: Movie Review: The Transformation Of The Southern Culture Within The Movie

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The classic movie, Gone with the Wind, is a story about a woman, Scarlet O'Hara, and how she deals with the troubles of the time she is living in. The movie, directed by Victor Fleming, takes place in Georgia during the time of the American Civil War. Since much of the movie takes place during the Civil War, one of the main themes is how the South and the Southern culture are transformed into more ...view middle of the document...

In the very beginning of the war, she finds that her first husband has been killed in the line of duty. After the war is over, her mother dies, along with her southern beliefs. Later, her second husband dies, trying to fight Northerners who tried to rob Scarlet, showing that the North was slowly taking over the South in many ways. Many of the people that Scarlet is close to pass away throughout the movie, signifying the death and passing on of the old Southern culture. This change is also shown through Scarlet. At the beginning of the movie, all the she is consumed in is herself. She doesn't care for anyone else; her life consists of going as far as she can to get her own way. During the war, she is consumed with her beloved Ashley and bringing him home safely, while after the war is over, she divulges herself into taking care of her home, Tara. After her mother dies, she becomes the head of the household. This shows a great change from the beginning of the movie: instead of worrying what dress she is going to wear to a party, she worries now about picking cotton and having enough food for everyone to eat.

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