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Tutorial 3 – Perception and emotions Computerized decision making
Q1. What are the specific advantages of using computerized decision making? How can computers be better decision makers than humans?
First, computers are capable of amassing and compiling enormous amounts of data and using them to spot trends and patterns that a human observer would simply never see. The second one is the computers also aren’t prone to emotional decision making or falling into the heuristics and biases. I think that computers be better decision makers than human because they can know enormous information and computers have no emotion and it can listen to people’s order to make the right choice.
Q2. What are the weaknesses of using computers as decision tools? Are computers likely to have any specific problems in making decisions that people wouldn’t have?
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If the company let the computer to do the decision, the company may lose a good employee.
Q3. I don’t think computer decision-making system can effectively take ethical issues into account because I think the ethical decision is a controversial thing. It also has some criteria, such as, utilitarianism, whistle-blowers and justice, utilitarianism is a system in which decisions are made to provide the greatest good for the greatest number. The whistle-blowers are individuals who report unethical practices by their employer to outsiders. Just like whistle-blowers, lf only let computer to make decision, if someone let other to do a program that can make the computer to have the decision that benefit for them, and no one can be the whistle-blowers. It can be a bad thing, so I don’t think it is a good idea to let computer to make decisions. The role of human decision makers in creating ethical choices has three parts. First, creativity is the ability to produce novel and useful ideas. The three-component model of creativity is the proposition that individual creativity requires expertise, creative thinking skills and intrinsic task motivation. It plays an important role in the human decision makers.
Q4. I think it is not good to disconnecting form the wired world when possible. Such as twitter, business use the computerized systems like twitter for information sharing, but through the burgeoning number of computer apps may be leading to information overload, but the facts and figures are replacing analysis and thought in making human decisions. So I think if company use the wired world, the company can be better on the information and they can even have some work information on the website to let more people go to the company. To retain my ability to focus and process information deeply, I can use the wired world to remain the information. people can have some technique workers to do some data analysis to know about the information that wired world tell us.

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