Good Consumer Service: Company Of Choice

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In any kind of business the main key is to have good customer service. The standpoint for any salespersons is to how they present themselves in the company. Companies that show extremely good customer service will normally become the company of choice because with good customer service comes with more customers from other companies. With good service support it is the easiest route to success in building a strong company with custom relations. When a customer sees that good service is provided they will most likely come back for more future product needs or services. Every year companies critiques, market researches, company reviews, rates, and recommend ratings for customers ...view middle of the document...

Analysis of good and bad service
When people want to see on how a store operates and the service provided by the store they normally look up reviews and critiques from websites from forums and any good review sites that have the most updated status for the particular stores and businesses. Yelp is a good example and a good starting point when researching for the ratings and opinions on how a specific store or business is doing. Yelp is one of the few websites that provides the best reviews to find out the best possible customer service as well. Most reviews on Yelp are not always accurate because there are so many different people that live in the same city or area, most people would agree and disagree, but reviews like these should be reviewed anyways because it would help find out if it is worth checking out. When it comes to finding products that are deemed to be used in a professional standpoint then people will normally look at the ratings and awards given by the company J.D. Power associates. Such companies that are granted major awards show that it is a major accomplishment in the business industry. “Some of the companies according to ("Award recipients," 2014) received the award for doing well in the year like JetBlue airways, Samsung, Audi, Lexus, and many more.” ("Award recipients," 2014) But overall the reviews, I have seen the shops recommended by yelp. In my experience I have had some of the best customer service recommended by Yelp. An example of a shop or restaurant recommend by Yelp would be Ajisen Ramen in the San Gabriel Hilton Plaza. The comments on Yelp written were “It is one of the best ramen places in San Gabriel Other than Daikouya Ramen.” ("Ajisen ramen," 2014) there is also this other comment where it said “Customer service is not too bad for that they are friendly and answers questions for food allergen also.” With so many good reviews for the restaurant and the comments and ratings I’ve saw on Yelp its no wonder they receive good business. The restaurant staffs were really friendly and they even asked if we needed anything or how we were doing whenever they came by our table. I felt welcomed into their business and it was also a great experience with the beautiful atmosphere representing a real ramen houses in japan. They showed the correct way of doing business with good attitudes and well trained so whenever you had questions about the food and more in the restaurant they would give you a professional answer. Ajisen gave me the thought I would want to return here for more ramen in the future and I would also recommend this restaurant to my friends and family....

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