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Good GodWhen one walks through the streets of humanity, one must choose theirdestiny. Is it to believe in God, or to become conservative and choose not tobelieve? Well, the people of the world should all just creep within their minds,and choose not to follow the Messiah onto the deceptive fields of love. Thesepeople become sicken with doubt, and unleashing them are quite easy. But theworld may never know, for the fools that are blinded with salvation still wanderin oblivion.Objection number one is that, can one actually prove the "existence" ofGod? How can one experience divinity, without experiencing death first? Nomen on this earth can! Not the Pope, Saint Anselm, nor William Paley, ...view middle of the document...

As Jeremiah left the church, he over heardthe preacher's wife, "Now can you buy me diamond ring?" Jeremiah began toweep, as the rage within him rushed throughout his mind. At home, Jeremiahtold his mother about the fury within , and he spoke this: "Mother! Why is theentire church of Christ corrupt? Why is the world so cold? Doesn't God evenexist? Well I know one thing that's certain; there is no longer true faith amongthis planet! Humanity, along with false ministers have killed God! God is trulydead-----" His mother just stood in shock, watching him draw a picture of a madbishop, revealing and exploiting the meanings of Jesus Christ. This is thesadness that one who believes in God, can actually discover, and feel a sense ofbetrayal.There is many people who believe God is all Powerful, God is all good,and evil exist. These are the propositions that gives a religious man true faith.But if God was all powerful, then there wouldn't be no evil. God would simplydestroy, or cast out evil within the world. And if God was all good, then whywould some innocent child be raped , and be left for dead? God is all powerful,and chose not to save an innocent child. Who now is evil, and who now is good?And last is the evil that burdens the lands all walk on. It's sad that evil existamong the world, but evil still exist. Some people perceive evil as symbol of"wrong doing", thus, creating and using "good" as a tool to...

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