Good Hotel Case Study

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Case #10- Good Hotel: Doing Good, Doing Well?

Jamie Caudle

Q: What is the vision/mission behind the Good Hotel concept?

A: The Good Hotel is intended to be the first hotel with a conscience. Our philanthropic and positive approach is designed to inspire the "good in us all" (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-2).

The Good Hotel is a hip San Francisco hotel that practices philanthropy and believes in doing good for the planet. The eco-friendly hotel décor features reclaimed and recycled construction materials (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-2). I believe the concept is to create a themed based hotel that is catered to a green living approach to life and have some fun doing it. The mission and vision ...view middle of the document...

The Good Hotel could gain more market share of the fast pace go green movement while growing the business. The down side to expanding under their present concept is the economy could have a down turn and people could change their opinion and move to another trend that might spring up. Discontinuing would not in my opinion be a good option to follow. They have already remodeled the hotel have a concept that is unique to the already over crowded lodging industry. People are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly services (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-5) and the LOHAS segment is estimated by NMI include about 38 million people that could be worth $209 billion annually (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-5).

Q: How would you characterize Good Hotel's target customers?

A: I would characterize the target customers that Good Hotel seeks are those who support the fast growing green movement. The green consumer fell into the “Cultural Creatives” or LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) segment according to American sociologist Paul Ray (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-5). The segment includes people who want a better world with focus on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living and social justice (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-5). Consumers who care about the planets well being, social causes, and a better way of life are a powerful growing market segment that many companies today are trying to capture their share of market.

Q: What is JdV’s marketing strategy to promote Good Hotel? Is this strategy sufficient?

A: The marketing strategy that Good Hotel relied on was through word-of-mouth and social media. Instead of spending a...

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