Good Money After Bad Essay

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United States and its population, over 308 million habitants, is the 3rd largest country in the planet, when compared with countries such as China and India (data, 2010). According to an article called “The medical device market in the USA”, at an estimated US$105 Billion in 2011, the US Medical Device Market is the World’s largest. United States is home to various medical devices producers; American companies such as Johnson & Johnson, General Electric (GE), among others, are part of the top 10 medical devices manufacturers in the planet. (MPO, 2012). With that said, the Medical Devices industry is considered large and with excellent potential for growth, due to the high investments ...view middle of the document...

Since President Obama passed the Healthcare reform bill in 2010, when giving 30 million of Americans, the possibility of having medical insurance coverage, the demand of health services is obviously increasing, and that is opening the door for emerging companies and more competitors in the biomedical device field, now reaching 6 thousand, just in the US. (Jill Jackson, 2010) We have to remember that behind these companies, there are talented individuals, working on research and innovation, such as Jack Brandon’s from “Seven Peaks Tech”, that in search for capital, and believing in his dream of developing innovative medical devices for surgeons, started an adventure as entrepreneur, despite knowing that VC firms may or may not be interested in his inventions. He was courageous and adventurous, and just right after exhausting part of his savings, was able to convince Lynne Weekes, from Scharfstein Weekes, a firm with 200 million dollars in raised funds, in believing in his technology on investing 600 thousand dollars he needed to polish his “non stick prototype” and get FDA approval to start commercializing. It happened months later, but with low progress to report a year later for limited market extension, but giving birth to a new idea using the same technology.

It is understandable that the firm is hesitant on investing 400 thousand dollars more on a new discovery, and there is when Christian Harbinson, Ventura Capital Advisor from Scharfstein Weekes, has a big challenge in analyzing Brandon’s ideas and business plan, for an assertive recommendation for the firm, risking their capital on the new initiative. Harbinson’s SWOT analysis may look as follows:

Strengths: * Existing technology * Patented invention * Probably quick FDA Approval * Doctors willing to try * Knowledge and experience in the field * High market awareness * Large possible market for commercialization ( hospitals) | Weaknesses: * Costs of infrastructure for massive manufacturing * 6 thousand companies to compete to * Cost of labor ( internationally cheap) * Past failure * Channels of distribution * Cash flow issues * Time limit ( Slow educational process for customers * Seems to be a cosmetic product and companies are looking for non expensive solutions offering the same results |
Opportunities: * Good feedback from doctors * Obama’s healthcare reform * Tax incentives for small businesses * New device ( probably cosmetic) with no competition * Knowledge of the Medical device field * Business Education * Patent protection | Threats: * Financial crisis * Lack of trust from VC investors ( Hesitant on investing in new technology) * Other countries like china, making high quality imitations * Long term exit for VC firms |

According to Wind hover (Brett I.W Zbar, 2010), normally a successful medical device product could be developed with $50 millions of invested capital and sold for $150 or $200 million...

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