Good Presentation Essay

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today’s workplace calls for mastery of the basic elements of public speaking
 Help you identify the best strategy and structure for your presentation.
 Give you specific techniques for presentation style and delivery.
 Provide a detailed checklist for using visual aids.
 Introduce you to a powerful technique for calming presentation nerves.
5Ss of Effective Presentation:
1. Strategy – understanding your audience and its needs.
2. Structure – preparing your content.
3. Support – making sure you have sufficient evidence.
4. Style – delivering the material confidently and appropriately.
5. Supplement – calming the nerves by being well prepared for key questions and ...view middle of the document...

Develop Your Structure
1. Start from your audience’s point of understanding. You don’t want to bore them with information they already know, nor do you want to confuse them by not providing enough background details.
2. Use three to five main points. The principle of chunking tells us that people’s short-term memory can handle about seven items. Using no more than five main points increases the retention factor greatly.
Action: Take the example you used before, and create a sandwich structure for your presentation.

 Catching their interest and setting the tone.
 Providing a reason to listen.
 Giving them a road map of the presentation.

 Asking a rhetorical question.
 Making a very strong, startling or unexpected statement.
 Using a quote.
 Telling a funny story.
 Using an example or illustration.
 Issuing a challenge or appeal.
 Requesting a specific action.
 Referring to a recent incident.
 Using suspense.
 Appealing to the audience’s self-interest.
the methods for creating a strong introduction can also be used to make a strong conclusion.
Action: Using the ideas above, write an Introduction and Conclusion to the example presentation that you’ve been working with in the worksheet on the next page. You can write a full paragraph or use bullet points to shape your message.

Support Your Points
Visual Aids Checklist
 Can the audience see the aid without straining?
 Is the aid colorful and engaging?
 Are the aids simple and easy to understand?
 Have I used special effects sparingly and only to make a point?
 Does the aid add to my presentation? (It’s not meant to be your presentation!)
 Can I avoid distracting the audience by blocking out or otherwise taking away the image when it is not needed?
 Am I using a variety of aids to make the presentation interesting?
 Do I understand the aids well enough to explain the data behind them or speak to their source?
 Are the aids neat, attractive and accurate?
 Do I have a contingency plan in case the aids do not work or perform as expected?
 Have I practiced using the aids so I am comfortable using them?
 If using handouts, can I minimize the distraction or distribution and reading while I am talking?
 Are the aids likely to appeal to the way that people in your audience like to learn?
Delivery Style
prepare your speaking notes. Here are some pointers:
 Start by writing your key points in an outline format following the organizational pattern you chose.
 Copy some key words onto note cards to stimulate your memory. You don’t want to read your presentation, though. This almost always looks and sounds awkward because we speak so differently to how we write. You want to be flexible with your words and sound...

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