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Good Ways To Learn Vocabulary Essay

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Fun Ways to Teach Vocabulary in Classroom

Enhancing the vocabularies of students is essential to success in college and beyond. Vocabulary is a topic that builds upon itself, becoming increasingly difficult over time, so creating a strong basis for understanding vocabulary words is key in future language-building. Learning vocabulary may not be the most exciting thing students do in school, but by using interesting and fun ways to teach vocabulary words, educators can increase students’ interest and help with both memorization and retention.
Children learn best from examining words in context. From my personal experience, I have used these tips to help students expand their vocabulary: ...view middle of the document...

Learning about common prefixes and suffixes can also be helpful.
Vocabulary in association with words that are already familiar to students is one of the most effective means of teaching students unfamiliar words. It will also help students with long-term retention.
Another method of associating vocabulary words with familiar words is to brainstorm with students. Once students have heard a word and its definition, teachers can write the word on the board and ask students to say words that go along with the new vocabulary word. If the word is “mare,” for instance, students might say “horse,” “barn” and “hay.” By writing the words down together, it creates a visual reference for students.

Play Games
Learning vocabulary can be a fun and engaging experience! Lots of mainstream games help to build vocabulary. Scrabble, Boggle, crossword puzzles and word searches can be great ways to introduce your students to new vocabulary words. A lot of these games now have online versions that can be played on smart phones, computers or tablets. Encourage your students to build up their vocabulary through a variety of different ways– reading, games and discussion. Soon you’ll be hearing the difference in their speeches, noticing them reading more fluently, and reading new words in their writing!
Another visual way to teach vocabulary is to find videos that showcase the words of a lesson. Videos created for people learning English as a second language are also ideal for teaching younger students words with which they have had little or no exposure.

Another option to teach new words to younger students is by drawing. Coloring pages and picture books help students visualize the words that they are being taught, which helps with comprehension. While older students may not be interested in coloring or reading...

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