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Google: What They Say And Do

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Google: What They Say and What They Do
Brumbaugh, Robert Blaine
COM 530
June 11, 2012
Bob Kolber


This paper is about the culture and communication methods of Google. It will start with an explanation of Google’s organizational culture and values. The following section will explain the role of communication within the organization. Including how communication is affected by the organization’s culture, and the role it plays in perception of the culture. The final sections will talk about misalignments between espoused and enacted values.
Google’s Culture and Values

“It’s really the people that make Google the kind of company it is.” ("Our Culture", n.d.). The ...view middle of the document...

Espoused Value of Innovation

Having a very diverse group of employees, an open channel of communication, and trying to make sure everybody is relaxed and comfortable helps create the innovation that Google prides itself on. Google has come a long way from being just a search engine back in 1998. It has evolved into one of the leading companies on the web today. Today you can use Google Map to find directions, Google Documents for all of your text files and spreadsheets, and Google+, which is Google’s social media engine that is very similar to Face Book.

There are even a number of books that talk about Google’s success. These books include What Would Google Do?, Planet Google, Google Speaks, and Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain. All of these books seem to have the same story focusing on Google’s ability to generate ideas. According to Kirby (2009) “"Google's lesson is clear," writes author Jeff Jarvis in his advice to car companies, restaurants, universities, charities and even governments. "Make innovation your business."”.
Where It Really Comes From

Is it because of innovation that Google has come so far in the past 14 years, or is there something else going on that isn’t as obvious? The answer is something else, and that something else is primarily take over’s. "Once you go beyond their basic search engine, a whole lot of the Google products we're familiar with came into the company through acquisitions rather than internal development." (Kirby, 2009)

That’s not to say that’s all Google does. There is still a good amount of innovation with what Google does with the technology it acquires. A good example is back in 2004 when Google purchased Where 2 Technologies and Keyhole, which gave the foundation for Google Maps and Google Earth. Google took what these two companies did and expanded on them. Like the Street View feature of Google Maps.
Is There a Misalignment of Values

Google prides itself on being an innovator. This is what they portray to others. People think...

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