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Currently an issue that has become of some importance to me is the concern of the widespread gossip. In our everyday lives we are consumed with rumors and concerned with the level of “coolness” we can attain. I feel there is an importance to regulate as much gossip and necessity to fit in. Such places of ailment are in schools, politics, and our generation’s society.
I attended an all girls, Catholic high school. Everyday was like a horrible episode of “TMZ”. Girls would discuss the latest hot gossip at “their table”. Of course, none of this was actually being played in front of an audience; all the conniving was behind the scenes. Anonymous texts would go around about certain private events, in which not everyone was ...view middle of the document...

Politics is known for the grimy gossip. Especially, in this 2008 Election, cruel words have been published in magazines and repeated everyday on the news. Politics has been the poster child for gossip since it was created. It is so common to hear a politician or candidate humiliating another for his or her own benefit. In a sense, gossip forms the disqualification or qualifications of a certain political figure and forges false opinions. This may construct an imbalance in government if only bad qualities are scattering and their superior qualities are being brushed aside.
Our generation has a love for all the new chitchat. We have websites, magazines, movies, and television shows dedicated to be the first source for all gossip. Between “Gossip Girl”, “Mean Girls” and “People” magazine, gossip sells. Obviously, you can put a price on reticent information about a famous person and make millions for perhaps ruining their reputation. Society has made it trendy to know everything (good and bad) about everyone and even make shows in which the “cool kids” talk badly about the “undesirable” people; and as we all know the effect that a few famous people and a catchy show title can have on teenagers. It convinces people that its ok if you talk about people behind their backs, as long as you’re on the top or the “Queen Bee”. Building these kinds of morals can only instigate a problem for this generation when we get older and return to this gossiping mentality that we have been conditioned to do.
In conclusion the issue of gossip stimulates problems in all aspects of the day. It is the foundation of drama, rumors, and poor morals. Although there really is no way to control gossip, I feel that there needs to be more honest people and less selfish degenerates.

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