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Gotta Upload Something To Register Essay

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Growing up, Arabella was quite the playful child. She always loved being the centre of attention - being the only child that she was. She was doted upon by all of her aunts and uncles - seven aunts and four uncles, and that was just from her mother's side. Her childhood was a typical but spectacular time. The tickle of her fathers stubble against her forehead when he kissed her good night, bouncing on her mother's hip - because they were dancing - and her cousins. She felt like she had hundreds of cousins that she would always play with after school, stay up all night with, all the standard child stuff. Her grandfather had a cabin out in the woods - perfect setting for a horror film, of ...view middle of the document...

It never came.
After a few seconds, Arabella felt confused and opened one of her eyes. She thought that a tear would slip, but it didn't. It stayed right where it was; in her eye. She looked at the ground, confused; looked to her cousins to see what was going on. They were stopped too; mid-expression. Horrified, scared, sad. It dawned on her; she had stopped time. Breathing again, she looked down to the ground and willed it away from her. It did. Or she away from it. She was turning back time.
She was on the branch again, noticing that at the part closest to the middle was weak. Quicker than she had ever moved before, she moved up a branch, where it was more stable. It had fallen. Again. She heard screams - of fright - in the distance. Her cousins. Thankfully no one was hurt, but she wasn't her usual joking self. The rest of that day, she was quiet. So quiet that even her parents started to worry. They talked after dinner - in their room - and she brought up what happened today. She learned everything; her powers, the fact that she was a test subject, the fact that there might be others like her, the fact that she was a test subject.
It made her upset; to know that she was adopted, but she never brought it up with her parents.
Her usual playful manner had turned into a more... hurtful manner. Not fighting per say, maybe fighting with words. Sarcasm. She had become a big...

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