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Government Assisted Welfare Essay

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Government Assisted Welfare
In America today, over 4 million people are on government-assisted welfare, and over 45 million people are on food stamps. This number is shocking, especially when it is compared to the amount of money being forked out to welfare, $131.9 billion to be exact. Seeing how the American economy has already been on a downward slope, this amount of money should not be spent in a so-called “recession”. Those who receive welfare should be subject to a drug test, background check, and employment verification. Government assisted welfare should not be implemented in today’s society, unless those receiving it have clean background and employment.
To begin with, those on government assisted welfare should be subject to a drug test. There are many drug users that try to get ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, a background check should begin to be mandated for those who are on welfare. Anyone who has a felony on his or her record should not be eligible for welfare. Prisoners already take a large portion of taxpayers’ money to feed and maintain, so they should not continue to receive our support outside of prison. A felony related crime is obviously pretty serious and shows what type of person he or she is, and would be sufficient evidence that they are not worthy of assistance. When the welfare license is renewed a background check should be done once again to verify that the applicant is still in good standing with the law and has no unlawful conduct.
In addition to, Employment verifications should be instilled in the welfare application process. The number of Americans on unemployment today is record breaking. Welfare and unemployment should be seen as a “one or the other” circumstance. A welfare applicant should have to be employed with a business that has actual pay stubs that can prove that the individual is actually employed. Nowadays many are faking the fact that they are unemployed and using a friend or family’s business as a reference for unemployment. If the applicant for welfare has the capabilities to work then by God they should have at least one full-time job. New regulations she be installed to allow only those who have full-time jobs and make under $20,000 a year to qualify for government assisted welfare.
To conclude, government assisted welfare applicants should undergo a drug screening to verify that they are in the right state of mind while receiving funds. Also, a background check should be conducted to weed out the felons. Last but not least, those receiving welfare should be employed full-time and at all times while receiving assistance.

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