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Government Debt Essay

528 words - 3 pages

Miracle Brown
ENG 106
April 8, 2012
Professor Key

Government Debt

Governments get into debt each and every day. There are plenty of things that cause a
government to get into debt. Many governments don’t let the public know about all the debt they
have gotten the community into. Throughout this essay I plan to do a research on government’s
debt and explain the many things and ways that cause them to get into such a bad situation.

Everyone have their own opinions about how the government gets into debt. I feel that
there are plenty of reasons that cause the government to get into the situation. For the past
centuries, many people in America have dug themselves into a ...view middle of the document...

Many people
have to admit that the nation or country gets into debt.

I feel that the government tells us things to get into the office and don’t do what they say.
I have seen plenty of people in America lie to get into the seat and then don’t do anything they
stated in their campaign.

Governments spend more money on unnecessary things and borrow unnecessary money
and end up in debt. If the governments do what right by the country, they wouldn’t have to
borrow money to get out of debt.

When the government goes into debt the whole country goes into debt. I find it very hard
for the government to get out of debt once they have gotten so deep in debt. If the people of
America take care of their responsibility by paying the governments taxes each year the
governments want go into debt. Don’t ‘try to beat the government, let us just pay our does. We
need to stand up as a nation and do what we have to do.

The government gets so deep in debt that they start to take away the things that help the
people who can’t afford medical health or any other thing they need in order to survive in this
cruel. I do feel that if most people who don’t need the government help stop living off the
governments that they want go into debt. Many people don’t tend to realize that their actions of
not paying their taxes can make the government go into debt.

Throughout my whole research on government debt, I plan to find out a lot of things.
There are a lot of things that we as American citizens don’t really know about government debt. I
plan to inform the people of America about government debt throughout the research.

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