Government Shutdown Essay

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Government Shutdown
A government shutdown in the U.S. politics is where the executive branch of the federal government intervenes when there is a funding gap. In essence, the intervention is done when the Congress decides against passing legislation that supports funding of government operations and activities. With reference to the “funding gap”, it is the time interval when the interim or full-year appropriations are not enacted into law as expected by the Congress and the President (Brass p. 2). As such, it is apparent that a government shutdown has a number of implications on the overall economy of the country and federal government employees who form an important ...view middle of the document...

As such, it is apparent that one of the implications of a government shutdown is delay in paychecks hence affecting government employees and their families.
ii. Labor
The envisaged government shutdown also has some implications on the labor. As already stated, a shutdown would affect government employees, who are, by extension, the source of labor in the United States by having their paychecks delayed during that period. This implies that most of them would not be less motivated to carry out their duties because it is logical that when workers do not receive their wages on time they are stressed and not comfortable at all handling their duties. This preoccupation by the worries of meeting their bills on time is what is likely to hinder job performance and productivity of employees. Additionally, labor would suffer because employees would stay put until the Congress authorize for the pay of days when the government was closed (Cummiskey Para 7).
iii. Government Processes
a. Immigration activities
Most of the government process would be affected adversely by the predicted shutdown because the government would have closed by then. For instance, immigration would suffer since the PERM applications’ process for labor certifications of immigrant visas and prevailing wage requests would be suspended by the U.S. Department of Labor (Koski & Gilman Para 3). In addition, security checks, which are necessary for all visa applications at U.S. consulates, would also suffer based on the fact that they are administered by various federal government agencies (Para 6).
b. Loan Applications
Loan applications from the Federal Housing Administration is also at a risk of experiencing major delays hence affecting those applying for home loans (Fuscaldo Para 13). This is because a shutdown would ensure that no government operations are taking place.
c. Investing
Investing could be affected by the predicted government shutdown in numerous ways. In this case, individuals investing in federal debt through buying...

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