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Grace Maxim Essay

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Grace Maxims - The Big Bang TheoryMaxim of RelevanceSheldon and Leonard on their way to the doctor:Sheldon: So if the photon is directed to a plane with two slits in it and I either of slits were observed one will not go through both slits, and if it's unobserved it will, however if it is observed after the plane hits the target it will not go into both slits.Leonard: Great, what's your point?Sheldon: There's no point, I just ...view middle of the document...

I love steak.Sheldon: Oh, that's interesting! Leonard can't process corn.Maxim of qualitySheldon, Penny and Leonard are sitting in the living room and Penny talk about herself:Leonard: Do you have some sort of a job?Penny: Oh, yes, I'm a waitress at the Cheesesteak FactoryLeonard: Hmm, I love cheesesteak!Sheldon: You have lactose intolerance.Leonard: I don't eat it. I just think it's a good idea!Sheldon, Penny and Leonard are sitting in the living room and Penny cries about her ex-boyfriend being a jerk:Penny: Do you wanna know what the most pathetic part is? Even know I hate that he's liying, and cheating me I still love him! Is that crazy?Sheldon: Yes!Leonard: No, no it's not crazy…Maxim of mannerSame context, as stated previous:Leonard: No, no it's not crazy… It's a paradox. The paradoxes are a part of nature. Think about light. If you look at Huygens, light is a wave, as confirmed by the double experiment, but then comes Albert Einstein that discovers that light behaves like particles too.Leonard: Well, I didn't make it worse…Nelida Nita3231120084

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