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Gradation System Essay

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Grades are standardized measurements of varying levels of comprehension within a subject area. Grades can be assigned in letters (for example, A, B, C, D, or F), as a range (for example 1.0 - 4.0), as descriptors (excellent, great, satisfactory, needs improvement), in percentages, or, as is common in some post-secondary institutions in some countries, as a Grade Point Average (GPA). The GPA can be used by potential employers or further post-secondary institutions to assess and compare applicants. A Cumulative Grade Point Average is the mean GPA from all academic terms within a given academic year, whereas the GPA may only refer to one term.

the grading system has reduced the stress of students but there will be no value for their
the one who gets 81% and the one with 89% marks will be treated same ie; an A grade.
there will be no question ...view middle of the document...

In colleges, a percentage or GPA system is optionally followed by various institutes.
But mostly, percentages are used. For many schools up to 12th grade high percentage above 90% is supposed to indicate the excellent quality of a student while in many undergraduate and graduate courses scoring above 85% also is very difficult, though it varies depending upon the board or University.
CBSE will declare its results for class X per CGPA from 2010 on.
In my opinion, grading system main problem is that it causes other to consider someone's ability based on their grades. I don't think that one's view towards other's ability should depend on their grades. If my score in a subject is not good, it does not mean I can't do that subject at all. There is a lot of factor that influence grade, not merely our ability to understand the subject, and grading does not reflect all those influence well.

Lets say you are sick and you cannot concentrate to do a test. You got bad grade at that time. Does that mean you failed? Does that mean you do not understand the lesson given for that test? I don't think so. Grade simply does not fully reflect our actual condition towards certain subject.

Actually I feel that grade exist in this world because there is no way for a teacher or anybody to recognize their student, or other people, one by one. If you are a HRD manager in a company and are responsible for employee recuitment, are you able to meet each and every candidates and then talk to everyone of them, see what they can do, dig into their personality one by one and then decide whether he/she should be accepted for the job in your company? Of course not. There must be a generalization of every people's ability so that you can quickly decide whether someone fit to do something or not. This generalization is the grades.

So in conclusion: grades inaccurately describe a person's ability - it is a generalization. But in this world, there is no way for you to know one's ability without generalization, so here it is - grades.

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