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Grading System Of Isabela East Elementary School

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Isabela East Elementary School
Grading System

An MIS Project Presented to
Ms. Marilou Tolentino
AMACC Bacolod

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the requirement in
Management Information System


Roma Grace Balasabas

Jun Trocio

Joseph Ordeneza

John Mark De Los Santos


IEES has served its fellow Isabelenos for many decades, Produce productive and competitive individuals. Despite fast growing population of the student, and the demands of this techno-age. The institution encountered some problems:
1. Difficulty in keeping the students grade because still using on manual way, i.e. class records, Microsoft Excel.
2. Maintaining security and accuracy of ...view middle of the document...

Operational- Refers to the system where in the student info (grades) and the faculty as well are being saved.
* Student
Conceptually, a learner, or someone who attends an educational institution.
Operationally, refers to the students of IEES .

Operational Frameworks:
The frameworks of this study was anchored on the General System Theory. It state that a system is made up of individual components which can be able be integrated into a systematic whole (Ketzner, 1998) Hence, the three basic elements of a system which are input, process and the output as sited by Sin Wong Koi (1994) of UNESCO from Franco’s System. Approach must be in consonance so that desired outcomes are achieved.

Schematic Diagram of the
Access the Grading System Access to the account information
Print records
Store Records

Access the Grading System Access to the account information
Print records
Store Records

Retrieval of information/ create or modify records Students grade input
Retrieval of information/ create or modify records Students grade input
Admin Account

Admin Account

Schematic diagram of Operational Framework of the study

Significance of the Study
IEES aims to provide a Grading System for the benefits of its institution.
* The School
This study will serve as a helping hand for the institution as a whole. In successfully keeping the grades of its student in simplicity and accuracy.
* The Faculty/Teachers
Specifically, this study will lessen the burden of the teachers in computing, keeping the grades of each student
* The Student

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