Graduate Study Challenge Essay

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Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success

Grace Edwards

University of Phoenix

Introduction to Graduate Study in Health Science/Nursing (HCS/504)

Kirk Davis

February 3, 2013

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success

Pursuing a graduate degree creates many opportunities and comes with many challenges, such as balancing work and attending school and adjusting to the increase workload of school (M. Schlemper, 2011). Utilizing the right coping strategies will help in overcoming these challenges. As I make this important decision to pursue the Masters of Science in nursing degree there are several ...view middle of the document...

In accomplishing these goals there will be challenges that can be overcome if the right coping strategies are employed. To be successful in this program giving that University of Phoenix uses a teamwork model as one of their learning model; my short- term goal is to be an effective team member by the end of the second class. My long- term goal is to be a nurse educator, preparing the next generation of nurses for the challenges of the health care system.

Although these goals are achievable, there are challenges that I have to overcome to be successful. Technology is changing every day from new software to new programs making the

use of technology a challenge I will face in pursuing my degree. Assignments and discussions are online and not been technological knowledgeable will create a challenge. University of Phoenix has resources that can help me to overcome this challenge. I will utilize the resources such as the online tutorials, workshops and the student services to help me improve my computer skills. Active participation in the discussion forum will help me to build my computer skills as repetition enhances learning.

An important component of graduate study is the ability to use time effectively. Time management is another challenge that I will face in achieving my goals. Pursuing a graduate requires dedication and commitment that can be difficult to balance schoolwork, full-time job and family. To manage my time effectively I will create a schedule that will allocate specific times for schoolwork and family time. Complete assignment within the given time frame and seek assistance if needed before the deadlines.

The academic workload coupled with working fulltime night shift can be stressful. Stress is common among college students and has been on the increased; dealing with stress is an everyday challenge and can have an impact on one’s ability to achieve their goals (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits.). To overcome this challenge I will have to utilize strategy that will help me to cope with the academic workload and the pressures of work. Finding time to do something I enjoy is one way I intend to use to cope with the stress of school and work. Completing my assignment on time, exercising and eat a healthy diet are other ways I will use to overcome this challenge. The milestone that I will use to mark the achievement of my short- term goal is been present at every group meeting and submitting my assigned task within the deadline, for my long term- goal I will pass the courses required to...

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